Friday, May 23, 2008

Russo on a Rampage

Russo came out firing today...I know what you are thinking - oh boy, everyone on the Mets is fair game for Chris: Willie is in for an earful, Castillo is going to get ripped apart, Chris is going to go off on Johan...But wait a minute, that's not quite what happened. Instead, Doggie has focused his rage on Met Fans:

Chris: As a whole , the Met fan in the last week of the season last year did a terrible job, yet now, he’s always talking about last year, yet last year HE WASN'T THERE!!! That’s a problem....Last year, they were empty in that building, yet now they are so upset because the Mets let them down last year. Yet they didn’t bother showing up FOR THE GAMES! I have a PROBLEM with that one! There’s no way around it, if you have an empty building, and then you scream about a collapse, well hold on now, you didn’t even support them in that last week of the season! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!!...And now when they call up and say I want this guy fired and I want to boo this guy, I want Delgado out, I want Randolph out, I want this...Well hold on now, that’s a little rough when you A, booed the players on opening day, booed Santana, got all upset with Delgado, have given Willie a tough time and were not there at the end of the year when your team collapsed. THAT TO ME IS NOT BEING A GOOD FAN!

what do you all think - is the Mad Dog's rage being vented at the wrong set of people?


Anonymous said...

I really didn't even understand the point he was trying to make, other than to blast the Met fan. He shouldn't do analysis, his point is usually vague and it's hard to understand him when he's yelling.

First Time, Long Time said...

nice to have you aboard. does it bother you that he is against every new york team?