Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Just quickly before the 1:05 start time of Wednesdays Mike and the Mad Dog show, I wanted to follow up the Breaking News item about Kevin Garnett being a player with little or no offensive skills.

Last night the Big Ticket brought his Mike Francesca described "limited offensive" game into the conference finals and was able to somehow with barely any knowledge or ability to put the round ball in the peach basket muster up 26pts and 9 boards.

My question to Mike is, why do you hate KG so much?

Mike: The Celtics beat up on weaklings like the Hawks and Cavs, and that's all they did. The rest is just smokefilled press room filled crap. KG tortured and tormented guys like Al Hofford, a rookie and then Ben Wallace, who is completely shot. KG didn't like them. And they beat the Hawks and the Cavs. Why? Because they were lesser players, couldn't run as fast.

Why do you love him so much?

LT Weinberg: Because KG stands on a wall and says nothing is going to beat me tonight. Not on my watch.

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