Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It happens to everyone. That moment in life when age finally starts to catch up with you. Mike Piazza knew it all too well. Carlos Delgado is finding out about it right now. That point in your life where you have literally lost a good deal of pop on your fast ball. It's time to face a sad, but true fact - Chris Russo is starting to decline. Russo, 48, has been showing signs of his age all year long. Initially, fans assumed it was just rust. "I kept hearing Dog and it was like 'something's not right, but I just assumed it was my radio," said longtime listener, Gman. But over the past several months, it has become clear Russo might be over the hill. Those listening on a daily basis have noticed that Chris incessantly complains about the late starting times for playoff games – a sign, that at his advanced age, Russo needs his sleep. In addition, Chris is the one responsible for disconnecting each caller. Recently, we’ve heard some callers get in quality shots, whereas a younger, nimbler Mad Dog would have hung up on them sooner. “You can just tell he’s not as sharp as he was in the ‘90s,” Gman added. Even more disconcerting to fans of the Mike and the Mad Dog show are the alarmingly weakened “Goood Afternoon Everybodyyyy’s!” that have long been Russo’s trademark way of opening each show.. “Chris used to toss his headphones on in a matter of seconds, but now it seems to take considerably longer,” 20/20 update guru John Minko said. Chris Russo declined to comment for this story, but there are those who point to another possible factor in Russo’s weakened performance. “I think it’s Timmy,” co-host Mike Francesa added. “Ever since Timmy has gotten a little older, I think Chris is worried that he’s after his job.” Sports Radio psychologist Eleanor E suggests there could be hope. “Usually sports radio hosts peak in their ‘30s and ‘40s. But Chris has unusual amounts of energy. He might be going through a rough patch right now, but I think he has several good years left.”

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