Friday, June 13, 2008

Mike takes issue with Denzel Washington

Just complained about Denzel saying he "wears those stupid Yankee hats out in LA"

Apparently, to wear a Yankee hat, one must reside in New York. Bombers fans, remember that. If you leave the state, Mike implies you must leave your hat behind. Don't be caught with one in Los Angeles.


gabagool said...

Thats bad enough, what about when our two heros get on the soapbox and dictate what attributes makes for a REAL FAN and what doesn't. They got some big ole balls, thats for sure.

chris said...

Holy crap, he was really complaining about that? I love his guidelines on how true fans should act; I always roll my eyes when he starts a sentence with "The Met fan has to..." or "The Yankee fan can't..."