Monday, June 16, 2008


I know, i know.. you thought.. can't a manager be fired any time the team decides? If it is April 15th, May 15th, June 15th or any other day, can't a team fire their manager on any day of any month?

NOPE. It's June 16th and because the Mets have handled the Willie Randolph situation so poorly, they are according to Mike and the Mad Dog, no longer allowed to fire him. The deadline has past. As of June 16th, 2008 the Mets organization no longer has the ability to fire Willie Randolph.

This afternoon Willie Randolph was asked if he was concerned about his job security.

"Shit, no," replied a very relaxed Willie Randolph. "It's June fucking 16th, they can't fire me anymore. They had their shot but they didn't do it. I said some crazy shit and we lose a lot and I've made some damn stupid decisions but for some reasons, those dudes, the Wilpons and Omar, they couldn't get their shit together and fire me and now it's June 16th and everyone knows, you can't fire Willie past June 16th! You thought that shit i said to Ian O'Connor was crazy, oh wait till you see me now. Woo-how.. JUNE 16th. You can't touch me now."

When asked to comment about the June 16th deadline, Mets GM Omar Minaya said "I don't know what you are talking about. There is no such deadline."

Minaya was then told that Mike and the Mad Dog reported it at 1:48 on WFAN.
"Fuck!" Minaya exclaimed. "I must have missed something in the contract. I was going to fire Willie yesterday but it was father's day and I felt bad and then I figured I would let him get on the plane to LA because I knew that they were showing Shawshank Redemption on the flight and Willie really loves that movie. I figured right after the flight was over I would tell Willie that he could just stay on the plane and head back home and fire him but now I am screwed. The Wilpons are going to be so pissed."

Minaya clearly frustrated began to exit and before leaving the room and turned and yelled "Did Mike and Chris say anything about Peterson or HoJo because I got to fire someone. Someone get Mike and Chris on the phone, I gotta find out if I can fire the coaches after June 16th."

Minaya then attempted to call into WFAN but the phone line was busy.


gabagool said...

I knew someone was gonna post that. I was stuck in stupid traffic so I listened to the whole "they dropped the ball and now can't fire him.. If they do, they will look foolish..."

Did THAT make even a LITTLE BIT of sense to ANYONE? I mean, you think Willie sucks and the team sucks BECAUSE Willie is a big problem, but you WONT FIRE HIM because "you'll LOOK bad? WTF????

I understood NONE of that.

jerome said...

Reached for further comment, Omar added, "At the end of the day, I don't have anything else to add, you know what I'm sayin'?"

lt sam weinberg said...

it's honestly amazing to me how they say these things. did the mets physically harm willie's family? have they committed a crime so bad to willie that they can no longer fire him? it makes no sense. and i believe omar is in california, which therefore means he might fire him out there.

gman26 said...

If you're an organization, you have a very simple decision to make - Are we better off with Willie or someone else? If you can't decide, then that's a problem. They should look to Junior Soprano for inspiration. At the end of Season 2, he sat in his kitchen and decided between siding with Richie Aprile and Tony Soprano, "My nephew with that head of his. On the other hand, Richie is not respected. No, I'm better off with Tony." He later told Richie that they had to screw their courage to the post. Richie was gone not long after that.