Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Willie Randolph Fired

Contrary to what Mike Francesa reported yesterday, apparently a manager can be fired after June 16. MMD blog fans - forgive me for a moment - for I happen to be a diehard New York Mets fan and I need to use this forum to attack the Wilpon family for their atrocious and TERRIBLE handling of the Willie Randolph firing. Here's a few things to consider:

- Why in the world would you FUCKING fly the guy to California, then play a good game against a great team, win the game, and then fire him? (after winning 3 out of 4 games no less)

- So were you saying you were unhappy that they took 2 out of 3 from Texas? Apparently not. So if you were going to fire him after winning the series versus Texas, then why on earth wouldn't you fire him BEFORE the Texas series, after they lost 2 heartbreakers to Arizona? And then if you missed the boat on that, why wouldn't you at least wait to the Mets lost a game or two on this roadtrip, which they are sure to do? (side point: How much do you think Omar was rooting for an Arizona 9th inning comeback last night off Wagner to justify the firing? Sorry Omar, it don't work like that).

- If you thought by doing this at 3AM, that you were going to avoid the backpage stories here in NY, think again. Because the print media is going to fire missiles tomorrow and the next day and the next. Don't piss off the media in New York.

- Who the fuck is running this ship - the Wilpons or Omar? To me, this is totally and completely a Wilpon move. Omar would not have wanted to fire Willie because now the focus falls on him. This was the Wilpons making Omar their puppet.

- Jerry Manuel as the savior? Really? Seriously? C'mon now?

- The Mets did one thing very well here. They turned Willie into a martyr. People who were calling for his head are now rallying around him.

- The Mets organization (Fred, Jeff, Omar) are a complete and utter joke. They are pathetic. The Mets had actually started to turn things around. Here's something to chew on. If Billy Wagner actually does his job last week and holds onto THREE multiple run leads, the Mets would have been winners of 7 out of their last 8 games and 5 out of their last 6 series. But now as a Mets fan, I find myself in a position where I am going to root against them the rest of the season. Now you may think why would I do that? The reason is that I don't want Omar and the Wilpons getting credit for turning things around, when the team actually had already started to turn things around. Also, I don't want Jerry Manuel as our manager and if the Mets put up decent numbers the rest of the way, that is exactly what will happen as the Wilpons will not want to dish out more money to another manager and will instead keep the cheap Manuel on board.

Meet the Mess. Greet the Mess. Step right up and beat the Mess.


gman26 said...

FTLT - weren't you second-guessing every move by Wilie the first two months of the season? Now all of a sudden you're his biggest fan.

First Time, Long Time said...

Gman. that is the point. the mets turned the handling of this into a rallying cry for willie. But 2 weeks ago I turned and began to side with Willie. Please tell me that you haven't staked your entire season on Jerry Manuel. One New York ballclub is on trial for their life and please tell me you have something more than a retread manager who if he were a beer, would be called "Willie Light." Please tell me there's more.

lt sam weinberg said...

the one potential interesting point here is that the players were supposedly getting so annoyed about all of this that they were starting to play better. It might have been better to keep Willie and the team on edge and seen what would've happened. But let's be clear, Willie was not a good manager, this team didn't play for him, they are not fundamentally sound. I think that Manuel is very much the wrong choice but they weren't going to pay another guy.

First Time, Long Time said...

Sam, just a question. what makes Willie not a good manager? The fact that he is the 2nd winningest coach in team history? Or because he doesn't yell? Or because he is somehow responsible for Sandy Alomar's 3rd base coaching skills? Or cause he benched Jose Reyes last year and now Reyes can't catch ground balls? Or cause he can't motivate Billy Wagner to close games with multiple run leads? Just curious why he's not a good manager...

gman26 said...

Now. Getting back to mike and the mad dog. They will use Willie's firing to bludgeon Jeff Wilpon. They hate him. I also think they might start turning on Omar. I think they've been back and forth with him. But if things don't go well, they'll start a campaign to run him out of town. It would be nice to hear from Omar to get an insight into just what he was thinking with the timing of this.

Anonymous said...