Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok, if you read this blog you are crystal clear how we feel about Jon Heyman. He knows little and provides less insight. He more often than not does a terrible job. To me, the reason to have a guy like Heyman on, who is supposed to be some kind of baseball insider, is to get inside information, but Heyman rarely does that. He is not reporting about potential trades, despite what Mike and Chris say, he did not give any breaking new news about the Willie situation. Chris said today that he believed that Bernazard was Heyman's source and Bernazard was talking to everyone, so that's hardly an inside scoop. Also suddenly now he is saying that the way the Mets fired Willie wasn't as bad as everyone said. Sipping the Mets Kool Aid Jon?

Today, my problem was with Chris. Chris is interviewing Heyman like he's a beat writer for the Mets, asking him questions about the Beltran bunt and Johan Santana. I don't care what Jon Heyman thinks about that. I want Heyman to be telling me who is getting Sabathia, or what surprising player is going to be on the market. I want to know from him who the Yankees are talking about in replacing Wang. Give me something...

On the Yankees here's what he had to say: "They do need a pitcher at some point. I think that they are well aware that they need a pitcher." REALLY JON? Did the TITANIC ALSO NEED SOME LIFE RAFTS AT SOME POINT? Come on, give us something more.

On the Tigers here's Jon's insight: "To me they are an enigma... On paper they are a very good team. They have a shot but i don't think it's a great one." HMMM.. The TIGERS WHO ARE UNDER .500 DON'T HAVE A GREAT SHOT? Really, thanks Jon. That's big time analysis there. What about our pal Chris Russo does he have a great shot at hooking up with Angelina Jolie?

On the Mariners he finally provides one piece of insight on a team that is 24 games under .500 "The GM told me that everyone here is interim, the manager, the players, everyone is interim."


Now to be fair, he did give you another good nugget about the Mariners and Ichiro. That Ichiro was the reason that Mike Hargrove left the team and that they did not get along. I love that kind of stuff and Chris got excited about it.

How about some more sort of real sports inside gossip Jon? Give me the Page Six of sports. Rumors, gossip, whatever. I don't care, just give me all of it. Make the shit up Jon. Anything is better than you commenting on Beltran's bunt.

A final thing.. Do we really need Jon Heyman two days a week? Tuesday and Thursdays with Jon? What can he honestly tell us? More Mariners gossip? Let's do one day chock full of rumors and then we can build slowly up to two days. What do you say?


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam..you raise excellent points...the kind of points that merit a call to Mr. Russo. Get on the phone...

gman26 said...

Your vendetta against Jon Heyman is very similar to the Mets broadcasting team's vendetta against Willie.

Johnny said...

Heyman started off great, espcially during the offseason, but let's just say it, he's been sloppy.

He is no better than a Buck Martinez or a Buster Olney. No wonder 1050 let him go over to WFAN.