Sunday, June 29, 2008


After a tumultuous week with speculation around the breakup of Mike and the Mad Dog, Chris Russo sits at home on Sunday, enjoying his weekend. As he finishes off a fascinating story on Federer’s Journey to five titles at the All England Club in Tennis magazine, Chris slips on his Wimbledon whites and heads over to New Canaan Tennis Club for a 9AM court time with Dr. Harry Greenstein. Russo sweats out a 3 set victory, hops in his BMW, blasts Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” and makes the arduous 3 mile drive back to his palatial estate. At home, Jeanne is preparing lunch for the Russo clan. It’s a little past noon when Chris walks in the door. Seated around the kitchen table are Jeanne and the kids, highlighted by Chris’ favorite, Timmy. Upon seeing his offspring for the first time of the day, Chris lets out a customary “Gooood Afternooon Everybodyyyyyy. And how are you today??” Jeanne lets Chris know of the calls he missed while he was out, “Tony from Santa Fe. He wanted to talk Joba. He also thinks this Cano kid stinks.” Chris heads upstairs to change. Moments later, the smoke alarm can be heard throughout the house. Jeanne had a little mishap in the kitchen preparing some eggs. “Bad job Jeanne, bad job,” Chris mutters under his breath, as he heads back downstairs, sidestepping Theodore the hamster (or Milkshake or whatever the hell those damn kids named it he thinks to himself) who is running wild through the house. Chris enjoys his lunch out by the pool with the kids. Timmy asks dad to play in the pool with him. Chris knows he can’t swim. But really, his mind is occupied by the fact that Wimbledon coverage started a little while ago. A must watch he keeps thinking to himself. Chris can’t get the nagging thought out of his mind that Nadal or Federer might get upset. Chris is giddy at the thought. Not nearly as giddy as he was watching Tim Lincecum last night. But giddy nonetheless. It would be a HUGE story. That reminds Chris, he needs to make a phone call. He reaches for his cell phone and dials the unfamiliar number of radio partner Mike Francesa. Once again, no answer on the other end.


Anonymous said...

At home with his Hamster Rosy.

Chris caught off guard:

after speaking about President Garfields doctor...

Brian said...

HAHAHAHA this is hilarious