Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jon Heyman Reports Possible Trade

Jon Heyman just talked about the possibilities of a big trade involving Manny Ramirez. Heyman reported this potential blockbuster that is out there:

Heyman: I have heard that the Dodgers are interested...(Boston) would send Manny to LA for some of their good young players, and send those young players to Atlanta for Texeira. Now Texeira is not Manny, that is agreed. But he is gonna give you professional at bats..

Russo: So who's gonna go play left field? Youkillis?

Heyman: Yeah Youkillis. Youkillis is not only a great player, he's apparently pretty versatile.

Mikeandthemadblog: Jon, this is VERY fascinating. Did you hear this from sources with Los Angeles? Perhaps an exec in Boston? A nameless member of the Braves organization? This is HUGE. Where did this deal originate from?

Heyman: This is mostly in my head to this point.

Awesome. Usually Heyman just reports what anyone else with a computer already knows. But today, he took it to new heights. He created a trade "in his head" and then reported it as if it was a real possibility. Someone needs to pull the plug on these weekly spots.


Johnny said...

Once again, you guys are nitpicking everything that Heyman says---which I guess is the point of this blog.

I think one of the biggest problems with Heyman is the fault of the hosts. Heyman has to talk fast because he knows that Chris will interrupt him before he can finish and we know that Mike doesn't really ask questions; he just gives "knowledeable statements" then waits for the guest to agree with him.

Heyman probably does breathing exercises before going onto the show to prepare for their onslaught that is forthcoming from MMD.

First Time, Long Time said...

Johnny. You're feisty today. I like that. But I have just one last question for you: What did you learn from Jon Heyman today that is not already being reported elsewhere? What inside tidbits did he give you?

gman26 said...

Johnny - to quote MMD favorite A few good men, 'why do you like them so much'?

First Time, Long Time said...

For those that somehow think Heyman offers ANYTHING, this was on the internet today:

3:46pm: SI.com's Jon Heyman has the D'Backs, Rays, and Angels vying for Tex. A first baseman is not a requirement for Atlanta, though all three teams could part with one. Heyman talked to one Angels source who considered a deal "remote."

So remote that the deal just happened.

bigjf said...

Most of these guys don't catch wind of anything special unless the deal has just happened and isn't officially announced yet. These GMs aren't going to tip their hands, particularly on big deals, until the trades are completed.

But yes, Heyman offers very little in terms of why he should even be considered a qualified beat writer.