Tuesday, July 15, 2008


NEW YORK (AP) -- Tim Lincecum was hospitalized Tuesday with flulike symptoms, preventing the young San Francisco Giants star from attending his first All-Star game. Lincecum was taken from his hotel to New York Presbyterian Hospital after feeling ill early in the day, said Katy Feeney, senior vice president in the commissioner's office.

The right-hander was released later in the afternoon after getting treatment for flulike symptoms and dehydration, the Giants said in a statement issued about 45 minutes before the start of the game. "He's resting comfortably," WFAN radio host and Giants fan, Chris Russo said. Lincecum was released from the hospital into Russo's care.

Lincecum's locker at Yankee Stadium between National League starter Ben Sheets and Edinson Volquez was untouched before the game. His jersey and a Giants hat hung on a hook on the wall as his NL teammates milled around.

"I think it was just one of those things that just hit him this morning," said Russo, who rode with Lincecum back to the pitcher's New York hotel. Russo added that despite the trip to the hospital, Mets righty Mike Pelfrey still was "not a patch on Lincecum's fanny."

More details to come as they become available.


KBilly said...

Flu like symptoms my fanny. Who gets the flu in July??? Timmy isn't used to bars/strip clubs being open until 4 a.m.
Tim Lincecum and Josh Hamilton were out all night double teaming Erin Andrews and smoking crack.

the continent said...

It's funny how Lincecum's ailment went from food poisoning to the flu.

And I bet Dog WAS at his side, but was playing or watching tennis when his children were born.