Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mad Dog's World

The past few weeks of solo Chris Russo have inspired us to create a list of all the things that can only happen when Dog is by himself on the FAN. Here goes:

- EJ Hradek spot when the NHL is not in session
- Wimbledon talk in the 1 o'clock hour
- The admission that the Rays are for real before August
- Callers actually get to make their points
- Tim Lincecum is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
- Bronson Arroyo is NOT
- An interview with Ryan Braun
- Daily updates on Bruce Springsteen's European setlists
- A 4,000 pound weight is removed from the shoulders of all other WFAN staffers
- The revelation that the combination of Yunel Escobar and Don Nelson may have brought down the most successful sports talk show in the country
- Pedro Martinez is called out for his poor pitching
- Shows with no talk of horse racing
- Marat Safin Storytime
- A Tampa Bay Rays hat replaces a bottle of Diet Soda
- We learn the actual and paid attendances for every team in the majors this season
- The English language is set back 3,000 years
- Blow by blow description of the Chris Russo exercise routine
- WFAN is often enjoyable to listen to from 1-6:30
- Someone criticizes Joe Girardi's coaching
- The most softball of all softball interviews with Jerry Manuel (with Mike there, Chris would have been required to do the dirty work, but without him, today's spot was Mad Dog Light)
- We learn more than we ever wanted to about James Garfield
- A couple minutes are devoted to the You Tube impersonation of Russo during his Pac Man Jones rant
- Concern is expressed for the current state of the Yankees
- Webster's Dictionary, upon prodding from Russo, officially includes the "New York Mets" in their definition of the word "enigma"
- A caller gets on air with Chris and plugs a Mike and the Mad Dog Blog and gets it in

What did we miss?


Anonymous said...

- Johan Santana is the worst pitcher in the NL

- A Direct count of pages on an SI Article on Tim Lincecum

- Aaron Harang is the unluckyiest 3-11 pitcher of all time

- Elevators at WFAN do not reach maximum weight

- Chris Russo owns a Tampa Rays hat

- Chris Russo doesn't like printouts of articles

gabagool said...

Chris Russo's workout routine? Please, the pot bellied bag of bones can't even throw around my DAUGHTERS WEIGHTS.

Chris stick the stuck in your crack bleached white hot pants you wear for your snoppy ass whites only gold coast tennis club.

Keep pumping out those 15lb set of 8's curls, you he man you.

PS: Get rid of your milkman. Trust me.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

- WFAN vending machines amass a huge surplus of Diet Coke

Jason said...

i wonder if chris will discount the 6 rbis giambi had last night, like he discounted the 9 rbis from delgado last week. (he said something like, delgado has a total of 44 rbis, but 9 of them came in one day!), while ignoring that maybe he should have 3 more if the ump didnt blow the homerun call against the yanks earlier in the season.

Mike Francesa said...

Chris thinks I am kidding but I would like him to split from Mike Francesa.

And, the point of the call is Johan Santana is struggling due to his TEAM, just like Chris does with Mike during this 'crossroads' time.

Writer Chris Illuminati of Philly Blurbs said this after viewing the video, "video proof that the Dog won't bark about any particulars of the rough patch he and Mike are going through."

Neil Best, who broke the story for Newsday, said after viewing the video, "I heard that live yesterday. Weird, but amusing! Thanks. Neil"

Now appearing in Deadspin's report on the matter: