Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Russo Said/What He Really Meant

A little while ago while talking to Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe about the Manny situation, Russo said:

"How about his teammates most importantly. I mean we all know Ortiz goes out of his way to throw the white towel around him and hug him every time he crosses the plate, but I wonder about Youkillis and Pedroia and Lowell and Drew, you know, sort of the soul of the club, you know Varitek, those 5 or 6, are they all fed up with Manny..how bout the team now, the fabric of the ballclub in that clubhouse?"


"How in the world do the white guys tolerate Manny? I mean, we know the Latin players, like Ortiz love him, but how in the heck can white guys stand him. The white guys are the players that people like, so how can they put up with Manny?"

Be careful Dog. Be careful. You are walking that racism plank...One false step and well you know what happens...Just ask your buddy Imus.


ondy said...

"I guess Jose Tabatta, is that how you say it? Tabatta? Who knows?"

Doesn't he realize how stupid he sounds when he doesn't know how to pronounce player names? It's almost like he thinks he's cool and edgy if he flaunts that he's not going to bother learning how to say it correctly.

Johnny said...

You're off here. Russo is not a racist, holds no prejudices and to say that he was trying to make this a whole versus latino is absurd. Manny is pain in the ass, but like Terrell Owens he can play. As long as Manny can play, mamagement will cut him slack and keep him on the team. As soon, though, as the production drops, it's bye-bye.

Ortiz was interviewed after Manny missed the Yankee game and even he seemed fed up with his buddy Manny.

Remember, the Oakland A's got into clubhouse fights all the time in the 1970s. They won five consecutive division titles and three consecutive world championships.

You're really reaching here with the white/latino thing.

First Time, Long Time said...

Johnny...now hold on a minute there. I never said he was racist. Nor I do think he is racist. But what I said was that by making the statement he made, he was walking a fine line (without even prob. realizing it). when he goes through the roster and only identifies white players and questions how they feel about Manny, why doesn't he throw out players like Alex Cora, Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo, Javier Lopez, etc...

41 said...

I agree. Everyone loves Ryan Church and David Wright - the rest of the guys? No heart. It might be subconscious, but it's there.

Pujols, Santana, Reyes, all of these guys have "bad attitudes" according to Chris, but why? All they do is win and their teams are always contending.

Not saying he's racist, but it seems he gives Latinos a harder time when it comes to intangibles.

peteski said...

"Wee Box?"

meant: web ex

ps. for the record I'm with you. The white guys are the "core of the team" - even Boston segregationists don't exclude Papi in that list.

Anonymous said...

Russo does not have the intent to be racist. he's just not that bright.

intent is a big part of being a racist

First Time, Long Time said...

Again, personally I don't think Russo is racist. I just think when he says certain stuff (like the white guys being the core of the Red Sox), it can be perceived in that light...not that he is intentionally doing that, but still still it can come off like that.

Jason said...

good observations. glad you brought it up. kinda like how reyes is a showboat but when d-wright shows emotion, hes being a mature leader.

Rock said...

You're looking way too much into this. Sorry but you're wrong. Why must everything have to be a race thing? I'm so tired of that weak old argument.

Anonymous said...

love the site, the dilligence, but I call bs.

No way either Russo or Francona et al are racists. I've watched Papi caress and massage Manny's dred-lock neglected neck. They were both in utter bliss seemingly. Who can doubt/understand their symbiosis? But what was wrong about Russo said? Do you believe Francona can rightfully condone the fractiousness. Varitek is chill? Youk fought the guy for pete's sake. Pedroia, ellsbury must revere the guy. pap and jd drew aren't clowning peerlike w/ him. there might be plenty of racism (and that's a maybe) and machismo but its surely much conventionally laid out than that. (Acknowledging of course the parodic nature of your blog, but i thinking your fishing here on a subject you bring up capricious-serious here).

gabagool said...

Well, I CALL HIM A RACIST. Because if the label fits, wear it.

ANYONE who listened to the Sean Taylor broadcasts, and is HONEST, knows.

You guys give example and example and then say "I'm not saying he's a racist"..... well I'll say it.

Not ALL racist want to go back to slavery....but making judgements BASED on race makes you a racist....THIS he does over and over and over again. He may be walking a fine line, but sooner or later he will get canned or at the very least have to make a public apology ...... He's more STUPID than racist, but racist none the less.