Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So you think the Mike and Mad Dog radio feud is bad? Well, those guys were only arguing over Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis and the bathrooms at Yankee Stadium, these guys in Dallas had some real issues. And if you read below, the Coke of preference was not Diet.

This article http://www.dallasobserver.com/2008-07-03/news/the-hard-lie/full takes you through the demise of the Dallas sports radio show Hardline and it's host Gregg The Hammer Williams. It includes attempted suicide, drugs, deceit, backstabbing, the works.

A short excerpt below:

There was a sudden two-day absence later in July when Rhyner says Williams answered his inquest with, "Well, if you must know, I had a stroke." And on August 23—The Ticket's "Fight Night" at the Village Country Club—suspicions earned substance when, according to Rhyner, Davidson walked into the bathroom and found Williams kneeling over a line of blow on the toilet seat.
"I don't remember that exactly," Williams says, "but I'm certainly not denying it happened."
He then put on his headphones and re-joined the on-air round table while under the influence, a career-ending violation under most codes of conduct.
"Including mine," says Williams.

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Brian said...

Crazy shit happens in Dallas. It's Texas, after all.