Friday, July 11, 2008


Mike and Chris begin the third segment getting a little dare i say "cheeky" about the whole split thing.

Mike starts segment three with: "Hey we're together. What do you know. Cherny it us,whadya think? Same day, same dias, same thing, whadya think. They said that they would never us again. They said that we would never appear together on the same stage (A KNOCK AT MR NEIL BEST) or at the same studio.

Chris: They did say that.
Mike: I have heard that.
Chris: They did say that.
Mike (to Chris): Want to tlak about it. What do you got? What's new? What's going on. You got anything to tell me, tell me now. (laughing)
Chris: You know what, they did say that in the middle of June
Mike: I have heard that.
Chris: My goodness gracious that somehow Mike and the Mad Dog has finished their 19 year run
Mike: Not seeing year twenty.
Chris: I will say something this theory that somehow that you and I would depart because we hate each other. I don't quite understand. We have had our bad moments, you and I both know that more than anybody, but we were good the last half of the spring.
Mike: We had a bad fight this year.
Chris: Oh, bad. But by May 11th we were ok.
Mike: We didn't talk for a long time.
Chris: Six weeks
Mike: About six weeks
Chris: From that point on, we were fine. (Chris is now having difficult figuring out which direction to point the microphone on the table)
Mike: We were ok. You know, I know that I am tough to get along with, but I am not that bad.
Chris: I am a pain in the (about to say ass) neck
Mike: neck
Chris: (laughing)
Mike: Ah, you know, listen,
Chris: Even my father was asking "have you talked to Mike, is he coming back
Mike: you got anything you want to tell me?
Chris: I got nothing to tell you. Anything you want to tell me? I think you're in good shape. Right?
Mike: I don't know. I don't know. Cherny you want to tell us anything? Anything? Anything we can share with the audience.
Chris: I think Chernoff is still trying to find out if Dimaggio's streak was stopped by the White Sox or the Indians.
Mike: What was that Cherny, how many tickets do we have to give out, 42 because the guys in the morning are totally clueless. They don't have any idea. Here is the first thing about contest questions, when you ask a contest question, know what the answer is.. that's a good idea.

Well, there ya have it. Mike and Chris address the elephant in the room and they seem in very good spirits. Who knows what lies behind the smiles, and shrieking tones of Russo's laugh, but they seem very happy.. very happy that is until someone brings up either the Yankee stadium bathrooms or whether Manny or Youkulis runs the Red Sox.

But at least for one day, the rumors are put to rest.


egotistical blowhard francessa said...

First Bronson Arroyo mention at 2:16. I lost - I had under 27 minutes in the office pool.

peteski said...

Ding Ding Ding

gman26 said...

Lisa from Whitestone wants Bronson Arroyo. Why Lisa must you enable a co-dependent?

homina said...

Excellent transcription job, Lt.! I DVR'ed the YES broadcast for the first and last time, and while I knew what they were going to say (thanks to you), I detected some real phoniness behind their smiles. The clincher was Dog slapping Mike on the back with both hands in the midst of one of his cackling fits. These guys can barely stand to be in the same room, let alone touch each other. Then again, maybe Dog was nervous, so he got a little loosey-Grey-Goosey. And that was definitely not the real Francesa we were seeing -- relaxed, smiling, laughing, complimenting the Mets, etc.