Tuesday, July 1, 2008


With the New York sports teams in the dumps and not much else happening in the world of sports, Russo finds himself all alone in the studio today with not much to talk about. We decided to predict how Chris and Eddie Erickson might fill out the show today. Here are our best guesses:

- The return of Ryan Braun
- Jon Heyman at the top of every hour
- Kenneth Ackerman, the author of the James Garfield book that Chris just finished
- Evan Roberts to discuss what he thought of the Garfield book
- Tony Russo to discuss the state of the Yankees
- Chris auditions WFAN staffers to sit in Mike's chair, including Minko, Mr. Met and Sal Licata, hoping to find the ideal replacement for Mike
- Chris reads the Mike and the Mad Dog Bucket List on air

Any other ideas?


gman26 said...

The ESPY nominees were announced today. Chris will bring on Chazz Palmentieri to handicap the awards. Then he'll try to get Jie Zheng, improbable Wimbledon semifinalist on the phone.

Michael H. said...

Pat McEnroe is a lock.

Fancy Pants said...

There's got to be a 15-minute spot about Minko's former softball team and how the new coach is handling filling Coach Minko's considerable shoes.

First Time, Long Time said...

Michael...good call on Patrick. The question is, how long will that interview drag on for...

Jason said...

hes going to knock beltran for bunting in the first inning in that game a couple weeks ago. he mentions it every other day.

then he will talk about what a baby reyes is.

then he will talk about how amazing it is that the sf giants have the record that they have.

then he will talk about tennis.

then he will talk about how terrible the yankees are.

then more tennis.

more tennis.

more tennis.

more tennis.

then he finishes with how horrible the met org is for firing willie at 3 am.

then more tennis.

Anonymous said...

xIsiah Thomas on the NBA Draft

Troy Glaus of the Cardinals- MVP of the 2002 WS over the Giants

Ron Washington- Cause we NEED TO KNOW about the Texas Season

The Head of the Ticket Departments at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay and Shea Stadium- We Wanna know why when they say 50,000, its not 50,000- it REALLY REALLY MATTERS

David said...

All Tampa All The Time - Barry Melrose at 4:05 on the Lightning