Monday, July 28, 2008

Rich Cimini, We Hardly Knew Ye

Within 5 minutes of his spot with Chris Russo, Rich Cimini showed that he is no Jon Heyman. First off, he blew up Russo's idea of the cap being an obstacle for the Jets getting Brett Favre. Russo earlier in the show said that there wasn't a way for the Jets to afford Favre because of their cap space. Chris even admitted that he didn't understand the cap. Cimini threw a spotlight on Russo's ignorance when he told Chris, 'It's a soft cap. There are ways of moving money around. They can make it happen.' Then Russo tried to lead Cimini to agree with him that bringing in Favre would be a mistake(They don't have to lead Jon Heyman to anything. He understands that he must not overtly contradict Mike or Chris, lest they yank his bi-weekly spot away from him). But Cimini obviously had not been prepped on this point when he said, "I don't see any downside to bringing Favre in." Russo then went on the attack with Cimini, giving him all sorts of reasons why the Jets should stay away from Favre. Cimini started to agree with Russo a little, but it was too late. Thanks for the audition, Rich. We won't be needing your services anymore.


Anonymous said...

Ummm Dog is an idiot he doesnt know anything about sports! He wasted 10 minutes of my life talking about his golf game. This guy really thinks the world of himself I just need a quick place to vent. DOG YOU ARE AWFUL PLEASE SAVE THE STORIES!!

clubber lang said...

I wish it was only 10 minutes he wasted talking golf. There's an unwritten rule, or at least there should be, for golfers and players of fantasy football/baseball -- no one gives a shit about your golf game, and no one gives a shit about your fantasy team.

I do both (not that anyone gives a shit).