Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Jon Heyman Saw Something on the Internet

Jon Heyman was just on with Mike. Not sure if riveting is the proper word. Here's a snippet of what Heyman had to offer today:

On Johan's start tonight:
"He should be better than 8-7. This is a big start for him."

On Mets outfield needs (after prompting from Mike that they need a corner outfielder):
"You're absolutely right. Endy’s a great 4th outfielder, but he’s not a starting outfielder...you can’t count on Church at this point...Pittsburgh is asking for a lot for Nady."

On rumors of Mets pursuing Houston Street:
"I have not been able to get that information. I saw that on the internet somewhere."

On Yankees needs (after prompting from Mike that they need a starter and a left fielder):
"You're absolutely right...On the outfield front, I think they are in competition with the Mets on a lot of these guys. Blake is a possibility..."

On whether or not Jason Bay is available:
"Bay is available. Bay and Nady are both available."

On AJ Burnett's availability:
"...He's a very talented pitcher, but there are a lot of negatives that come with him as well...He's been hurt often."

On Sabathia's great start with Brewers and what that means for him after this season:
"Most people in baseball that I talk to still think he will go for the better deal, wherever it is. Money talks."

On which team has the better chance to land a corner outfielder between the Yanks and Mets:
"I think they both have to do it..I'm pretty sure the Mets will get somebody and I think the Yankees will too."

On whether the feeling throughout baseball was if they hit a home run with the all-star game:
"Yeah they lucked out. It was a home run."

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melky said...

I wonder if Heyman looks at his bank balance, smiles, but then gets a cold chill and wonders, "Oh man, what happens when someone finally realizes that any schmuck with an Internet connection -- or who knows where to buy a newspaper -- can do what I do?"