Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mike is STEAMED!!!

I got into the car after work to meet my wife and kids for a 6:45 PM showing of "Up" and got to hear Mike's conclusion to his Thursday show. Wow! Mike was mad. Really mad. Like the soda machine gave him a Diet Pepsi mad. The USGA has decided to not refund people for the washout at Bethpage today OR allow them to attend tomorrow to get their money's worth. For shame, opined Mike. He wore out the thesaurus on expressing his disdain for their practices which I have to assume were printed clearly on the back of said non-refundable tickets.

Look, I know the economy sucks. Nearly every person I know has taken a sizable financial hit over the past 12 months. I'd love for there to be a way for each and every person to get value or enjoyment equal to what they spent. Few things, though:

1. This is a 4 day event, not a 162 game season
2. The arrangements must be carried out precisely to maximize convenience for all involved while also satisfying TV so ratings will be good
3. The hosts still had to do all that was needed today whether there was golfing or not. That means, it still cost them money and they lost gobs with the loss of concessions, merchandise etc.
4. For the most part, this is not an event that caters to the poor or destitute.
5. Walking around after golfers, staying within designated areas and yelling, "Get in the hole!" is stupid.

During his tirade, Mike told them to get off Long Island. Loved that little bit and was immediately reminded of this little idea. How dare they! Take your fancy golf games and get the heck outta here!

I liked the fire Mike showed, however. I like when he plays the "everyman advocate." Who doesn't? I love when he empathizes with his listeners and takes a stand against the corporate giant. I like how he takes his shots here and there. Not all of this paragraph is sarcastic either. He does have less of an agenda than his "competition."

So, tomorrow is gonna be a fiery Mike at the helm. He can take the USGA to task, bellow for Joba to return to the bullpen, deride the Yanks for losing 2 of 3 to the Nats, make fun of Jerry Manuel and his undying love for the sac bunt...Wait, I need to hit on that too:

With a depleted offense why is Manuel so willing to give up an out with a 1 run lead? Why does he think a 1 run lead against a potent offense is a sure win? If Castillo is on 1st and he has speed and Cora's at the plate and he can handle the bat, isn't the sac bunt completely redundant? Why is it so far from the realm of possibility that a team with a good offense can score a run against a closer that sometimes can't find the plate?

OK...Back to Mike's topics: discuss how much the NY crowd loves Phil if only they were allowed to re-use their Thursday tickets and how disappointed he was to learn that Jacqueline from the Real Housewives of NJ had implants.


bigjf said...

Like I said before, this is the kind of time when Mike is actually really enjoyable to listen to. Fighting this issue is all win for Mike. Here's my take on it:

1) I pass by that course a few times a week since I work a few evenings at a clinic in Farmingdale. The crowd there is absolutely pro-Phil. I personally detest golf, but there are even signs around the surrounding area supporting Phil.

2) I know golf is perceived as a rich person's game, but I know plenty of people who love golf and are far from rich. At $150 a ticket (according to Mike) and this being Father's Day weekend, it's not unreasonable for someone to scrimp and save the money to go to this event for a day. The last time they played on this course was 7 years ago.

3) As for the economy, this event is definitely big for the course and the surrounding area. Concessions at the course still got some sales today while there was a little golf going on, and this event will likely carry over into next week now due to the weather, so the concessions will still get the sales they were looking for.

4) The course is big enough to accommodate the crowd, even if that means honoring tickets for that day and rainchecks as well.

5) The weather is no one's fault, but if you're the USGA, you still have to do right by the paying customer, no matter what his income is like. You can't just take someone's money and screw him over. Some kind of refund or raincheck has to happen here and I think it will. It's more important that the USGA keep its loyal customer, even if it means taking a bit of a hit. Future events are more important than the profits from this event alone. And as I mentioned, the weather is likely to make this thing carry over into Monday and maybe even Tuesday as well. They should at least honor rainchecks on those days, and they will still make their money.

6) Golf sucks, but Mike's tirade today had me rolling. I'm actually looking forward to the continuation of this tomorrow and will be tuning in at 1:00 (ish).

AwesomeSean said...

If we think the place is big enough to accommodate 2 days worth of paying customers than we're saying it's not sold out. I doubt that. If it's not sold out and they're not taking the tickets away from other paying fans, than I agree, let them all in. I doubt that too. It's a mess, I know, and I bet the USGA does something for the fans that were rained out. That said, do any of those paying ticket holders not buy their tickets if they know they're not refundable and there's no rain check? I bet not. I am sure there is some verbiage about risk associated with the tickets.

I am not at all discounting the common man treating himself but they took on a risk when they bought the tickets. Sucks but sometimes the worst possible scenario occurs and this is a unique event.

gabagool said...

Yeah, I hate it when mike talks about something other than sports.............Golf is NOT a sport.

gman26 said...

Actually golf is a sport.
Here are two definitions:
1) an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
2) the occupation of athletes who compete for pay

Granted golfers don't exert their lungs as much as say...NBA players. I won't even count baseball players. In a sport, where smoking was common over the years, where Terry Forster could compete and John Kruk. You want to call them athletes? Fine. Kruk had great hand-eye coordination, which is exactly what all golfers have. Kruk could barely make it to first base. What about Cecil Fielder? All he had to do was perform a swing. Just like a golfer. Golfers are in as much shape as weightlifters are. Isn't that what you do? said...

This site was becoming a Mets/Yankees blog, now it's a Real Housewives of NJ deal? Whatever keeps 'em coming back.

Anonymous said...

I missed Mikes tirade yesterday but I hope to get caught up if he continues it today.

I think Mike needs to get more involved in Fans concerns. I'm sick of Mike telling the average fan if they don't like ticket prices don't buy them. I've done that but that won't change a thing-- there are plenty of people in the NY area who have SICK amounts of money. Mike has the respect of NY teams and he has the podium to make "true change". I'd respect him for that! Instead he only has a team executive on to explain their position which solves nothing. Hell Mike himself has'nt paid for a ticket in years!

Mike lost me yesterday because of his lack of decency to Yankee callers who dared question the 9th inning of Wednesday nights game. I agree with Mike that the inning should have just played itself out without second guessing but Mike is full of contradictions. He bashed Cano when he was'nt hitting yet made him out to be A-Rod when he started hitting in non essential spots. Hes defended Posada and made him out to be the second coming of Johnny Bench yet guaranteed he'd hit into a double play to end the game and did'nt want him up. Well guess what Mike-- the game ended on a double play hit by Cano. His treatment of callers was disgusting.

Yesterday Mike chuckled when thinking how many runs the Yanks would score in yesterdays game and in the 7th inning Micheal Kay said the Yankees would be an embarresment if they lost 2-3 to the Nats. WTF???? I'm in the camp that the Yankess should never lose a game with their lineup but this is pro sports where on any given day one team can beat another. I think both Kay and Francesa should be ashamed of themselves for their disrespect of the Nationals and the game in general. In any other occupation they would be fired for such gross abuse of power.

The mets have been playing entertaining and competitive ball. If they continue to lose these games they will compete themselves right out of a playoff spot by July.

My calender already has Tuesday/Thursday night booked for the "Real Houswives of NJ" reunion shows.


KBilly said...

Steamed Francesa. Feeds 30.

bigjf said...

gman, golf is not a sport, and I'll use your definitions.

"1) an ACTIVE diversion requiring PHYSICAL EXERTION and competition."

While golf is a competition, the only thing physically taxing about it is if you are the typical golfer who isn't in shape to even be walking the course. Walking is the most taxing part of golf, and I do not consider walking to be a sport.

"2) the occupation of athletes who compete for pay."

It is certainly an occupation of people who compete for pay...some of those people, like Tiger, have athletic builds, but I would not categorize a golfer as an athlete. Tiger does not stay in great shape because he needs to play golf. He does it because he knows he's more marketable if he doesn't stand there looking like a fat slob.

Golf is no more a sport than darts is a sport. It's a game, like croquet, where you hit a stationary ball and then walk (or drive a fucking cart) after it. That's not to say you don't need skills to be a golfer, but it's not a sport. Just like Nascar isn't a sport. Still, even Nascar is more physically taxing and exerting than golf.

bigjf said...

Sean, I see you're one of those believers in fine print. I believe in buyer beware to a point, but this is a little ridiculous. From what Mike was saying, it sounds like there is enough room to accommodate all the fans, but if not then those fans should at least receive some kind of refund or be accepted when this thing rolls over into Monday. If I buy concert tickets at MSG with the "no refunds" disclaimer, I understand that I have to sell them off if I change my mind or I eat the money. However, if the band's tour bus blows up and they don't make it to the show, you can bet I'm going to call up looking for compensation.

The USGA markets itself to the common man, and as such it has a chance to look like the good guy in this situation. Or they can just continue to show their true colors, in which case I would think they're going to lose a few fans on Long Island. Maybe that's worth it to them...

gman26 said...

I totally disagree with your arguments about it being a sport. Golfers walk over 7,000 yards a day, sometimes in extreme heat. A baseball player who goes 0-4, probably doesn't go more than 180 feet in a game. Tack on diving to his left or right, wow! what an athletic specimen! Mix in PEDs and they are very impressive. Especially pitchers who walk to the mound and stride 100 times a game. Oh, those are the starters. Those relievers who sit on their asses for two hours and then walk all the way from the bullpen to throw 15-20 times. I find this whole 'golf isn't a sport' argument about machismo. Not about any athletic debate. And as far as Tiger being fit not helping his game? How can you say that when he's on his way to being the greatest golfer ever?

Anyway, the USGA has come out about the ticket fiasco. Just in time for Mike's show. the question is whether or not he'll read this or know about it before he goes on.

bigjf said...

7,000 yards a day is equivalent to about 4 miles. And I'm not talking 4 miles straight without stopping to rest and take all day thinking about your approach, or hurry up and get to your damn ball. It's a sauntering, take your sweet time 4 miles. I'm not saying baseball is a highly athletic sport either, not when guys like Prince Fielder can play it professionally, but at least baseball has an opponent on the other end to stop you from being successful.

gabagool said...

Haa Haa

Come onnnnnnn, G!! Golf?? A sport? Oh, god, thats too funny!!

Its a GAME!!!! Yeah, a difficult one, but a GAME none the less!! Shoot, ALGEBRA is ain't a sport. And I've SWEATED THROUGH plenty of algebra tests.

Baseball is BARELY a sport. You gotta RUN, ONCE IN A WHILE, at least!!!! Run, or loose your breath, at least ONCE during the entire game!! God, they don't even carry their own clubs!!!

Golf, bowling, darts, bodybuilding, please....tough, yeah, so is the steak my wife cooked tonight. Tough don't make it a sport!!!

gabagool said...

My brother in law walks a HELL of a lot more than the distance of 72 holes. Delivering mail is a sport??

gabagool said...

I think I meant 36 holes. No? Its 36 holes they walk, right??

Sorry, time I played was when DA Weibring was around.

Those balls are expensive!!!!