Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday Re-Cap and Today's Opening

Can some kind soul update me on what happened yesterday? Did he jump on Wright dogging it? Did he pick a US Open winner? How was the love-in with Nantz?

As far as today's opening is concerned...

Me: What's NYY line?
Book: -330
Me: Nats 20x please
Book: Sure you don't want 40x? Francesa just locked it up for you.
Me: Later


KBilly said...

Who bets on a game that is going to be rained out?

its business said...

I still do not understand how their ratings just keep on increasing?

Month Est Cum listen
WFAN March: 2.1 1,300,100
April: 3.4 1,830,300
May: 3.8 1,961,000

March 0.9 694,600
April 0.7 781,700
May 0.8 711,200

Jason said...

its business: i wonder about the same thing with fox news.

Ryan T. said...

Look at the months.. WFAN = baseball. I'm sure 880 ratings jump from march to april too.

Anonymous said...

KBilly...Not sure where they stand now but I don't think the game has been called yet.

Its business and others: As bad as Mike can be he's worlds better than Donnie Pucks and Michael "I am way outta league interviewing anyone but a Yankee" Kay.

Francesa has been right about not running ARod last night. Callers are idiots.

cburns219 said...

Awesomesean, he opened the show talking about how the locals got gifts from bad teams Tuesday night, he KILLED the Nats, had Victuh put up the replays of the misplayed balls in the outfield and laughed at them,...the whole bit, he gave Wright a pass, didnt pick a US Open winnah but he went on and on and on about how well everyone says Tiguh is playin "North says hes gonna win by double digit strokes blah blah blah", I actually like Nantz so I didnt mind the love-in, Nantz think Mickelson's gonna have a big weekend.....We're Back

gabagool said...

The yanks have played two close games against a little league team.

They are 0-8 against the team they probably will be playing IF they make the post season.

Just when you think you can be comfortable with them, they throw you a curve.

bigjf said...

What can you say? One of the league's best pitchers gave up a fluke 3 run homer to a guy who hadn't hit a homer in 3 years, and this Lannan kid looked pretty legit. Maybe a little league team, but not a little league pitcher.

So Mike killed the USGA today, and rightfully so. Unless they fix things tonight, Mike has said that's going to be his whole show tomorrow and that he would do a show Saturday on it as well. I've said this before, but when Mike gets an issue like that to snack on, that's when his act really works! I was beat red laughing at his tirade. And the good thing is Mike gets results when it comes to crap like that. Those fans will either be refunded or let in again.

gabagool said...

Big J

You actually LIKE Mike? I mean, you think he's good at what he does?

gabagool said...

I can't get a channel in clear besides fan that takes calls about NY sports. Only reason I listen. But he's gotten SO FAT AND BAD that I just listen HOPING that I am listening when he hangs himself.

Thought it happened on 9:11. Thought it happened again when sean taylor got killed. But, his ego and hubris are enormous right now, he will go, sooner or later.

And all will be right with the world.

bigjf said...

gabagool, I actually don't like Mike very much at all. I often tune out or don't listen to begin with. What I said was when he gets an issue that he can do something with, like this golf situation, that's when he actually does a good job for a change. That's when he becomes entertaining for a brief time. It's actually almost Doggie-esque, I guess, which just speaks to how much this show misses the Dog.

gabagool said...

Gotcha bigif. Makes sense.