Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tuesday Show

Well, Mike's show will mainly be to talk idiot Mets fans off the ledge today. I hope it works too since I don't want to miss my birthday on Friday. Then, he'll take some calls on the Yanks so that the entire theme isn't wasted on jackass Mets fans pining for Mark "Are you Guys All Crazy" DeRosa. The Yankees are a good team and I hope Mike spends some time congratulating himself and the callers on their impeccable team selection.

Now, what I am wondering from my fellow Mets fans out there...Since this season is very much hanging in the next few weeks, what would you do? Would you go and take on a God-awful contract like Vernon Wells? Would you give up some talent for a Dunn-type player? Would you stand pat and ready your team for a 2010 run? What is the best course of action right now?

I think the Wells idea is intriguing...If you can get him without giving up talent (young or otherwise) it may not be a terrible idea. He's overpriced, for sure, but there is a lot of money freed up in 2010 and beyond with Wagner and Delgado contracts going away. You'll probably never get equal value since the contract is so back loaded but you may be able to get a good player for nothing more than money.

They could've had Dunn in the offseason and I am furious that they let him, Burrell, Abreu and Ibanez get away. Now, I hate giving up a prospect for someone you could've had without losing talent or draft picks.

The other option is obviously packing it in this year. Let Beltran get surgery if needed, bring Reyes back when he's good and ready and let Delgado play September if he can. Come into 2010 with a healthy "core" with a few added pieces and take your chances then.

None of the options are good. Which is the least bad?


Whatdoyouhave? said...

What is Mike talking about "the Angels are still looking for a reliever" to take K-Rod's place? Fuentes is leading the league with 22 saves and has a 3.50 or so ERA. I remember he said this a few weeks ago and I meant to comment on it then

Noel said...

he thinks the rest of their pen is bad b/c they blew a few leads in games he paid attn to in april i think

Anonymous said...

I liked the open of Mikes show!

He is absolutely correct in that the Mets owe their fans a bit more than packing it in before July 4th.

I questioned over the weekend if the injuries might be worse than thought and if by not making any moves was a signal of "packing it in".

I also think that if Mark Derosa was Mark Derodriguez or Mark Dereyes we would have a new Met right now that could help us out.

Bottom line: Terrible job by Omar Minaya and I hope we are rid of him this year!!!


bigjf said...

The Mets need at least one bat if they want to compete, but the problem is we don't know what the budget is or what talent other teams would be asking for. We know the asking price is high on Dunn and Nick Johnson, but I'm not sure what it is or will be for Wells. The Blue Jays aren't exactly out of the running in the AL East either, to say that they are willing to simply sell off that contract.

If the Mets wanted to throw all their chips into this year, I would go for Dunn, Johnson, and Wells. But I'd be shocked if that happened. Wells would not be a bad investment if the Mets could afford him, but in terms of building for the future, Johnson is a FA after this year and Dunn is a FA after next. Otherwise, the best move would be to stay the course and hope to get somewhat healthy. Even if you lose Beltran and Delgado for the year, you hope to get back Perez and Reyes. That alone would be a big acquisition, assuming they come back healthy and can perform. If not, you may want to blow it up this year at some point and see what prospects you can get for Sheffield and maybe Church as well. Castillo has also raised his value in terms of selling.

AwesomeSean said...

Bigjf...The Mets needed a bat before the year began. The only way this team was going to compete was if all position players stayed healthy and they got plus performances from Perez, Maine and the bullpen. Since that was unrealistic they are where they are.

Jerry needs to keep his mouth shut, lose the sac bunt sign and cash his checks. This guy is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The Mets need to do something for no other reason than to keep fan interest and sell some tickets.

I actually did'nt watch much of this past weekend series knowing the result would'nt be good. If the Mets are out of contention in a week or two I'll find better ways to spend my summer.

I'm a Met fan and used to losing in the most unbelievable ways yet I always finish the season since I love baseball but Omar needs to do something or else he'll lose the faith of us fans this year.

The budget needs to be thrown out the window. The Mets and Yanks have already insulted my intelligence enough this year with ticket prices. The future of the mets can't afford not to make some moves. It may not help this year but the alternative could be to lose fan trust heading into next year as well.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha vintage pissed off / pumped up Mike right there when that idiot called up trying to say Hoffman is better than Rivera. Never insult Rivera or Jeter (or Andy - not so much now) or you'll see the wrath. Then this guy tries to get on Mike's good graces by saying he was happy to hear "from the screener" that Mike was going to Bar A this summer. This prompted MF to repeat the words "the screener" literally about 18 times in 45 seconds, mad that the guy referred to the esteemed Eddie Scazzeri, his producer, as "the screener"

bigjf said...

That was funny and all, but Mike's right. It's not even a debate. Hoffman isn't even in Rivera's league. That caller tried to bring up 2001. That would be the broken bat blooper that landed over a drawn-in infield. Hoffman piled up more saves with some really good Padres teams, and there's something to be said for that. But put Hoffman in a big spot and he's no better than Armando Benitez.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah Bigjf, I completely agree with you. Referred to caller as an idiot. Just pointing out the funny side of seeing Mike go all hissy-fit on someone - right (in the Mo case) or wrong (don't challenge Bronson Arroyo who threw another gem last night)