Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Christmas in July

At least, that's what I think Mike is thinking today. Don't be surprised if Mike brings in a case of the Diet Coke and commandeers the station all day. Yesterday, was a perfect sports day for one, Mike Francesa. Observe:

1. Joba has pedestrian outing. Throw him and his sideburns back in the pen
2. Boston blows 10-1 lead to Baltimore. Theo is overrated.
3. Mets continue to play exactly like the Mets. Johan continues his transformation to Shawn Estes.

The chuckling and fake laughing and teasing and bragging and grandstanding will be at an all time high today. Add in that the Mets are playing before Mike comes in and when Milwaukee completes the sweep, Mike cannot add that to his aresenal. The only way the show could get better for Mike was if St. John's hired Carnesseca back.

Now, I did not watch the Yanks and I know Joba's line was less than perfect. I'd still leave him in the rotation. Good SP provides much more value than good RP. Mets loss will be blamed on FMart for dogging that fly in center. That's BS. This game and that inning falls squarely in Santana's shoulders. Walking the pitcher? Giving up the big hit to Braun on 0-2 count? C'mon, you're Johan "6 Inning" Santana. These things should not happen. Let's see if Mike takes him to task for these things.

I turned the game off after the bases clearing double from Braun. Did Jerry go all Jerry on us and get Daniel Murphy up in the pen? Or, maybe tried a sac bunt with 2 outs? What managerial miscues did he bring to the table last night after the game had gotten out of reach?


Whatdoyouhave? said...

I think Mike will have sympathy / pity for the Mets today. This is getting tough even just to follow peripherally

Anonymous said...

Mike will act sympathetic as he has in recent weeks but no doubt he is loving every minute of their demise.

Mark my words.... Mike is just waiting for the appropriate time to let the Mets and their fans have a "told ya so". I say once the Mets are mathmetically eliminated or after the yanks win a world series we will hear that if the mets dealt "the core" they would'nt have been around to be injured.

Omar Minaya and the Wilpons should be ashamed of themselves. How can they expect fans to pay to see that product on the field? Even if they go on a buying spree it needed to be done two weeks ago or at the latest when Derosa became available.

For the first time in 45 years I'm disgusted with the game of baseball. I refuse to watch the yankees since with their lineup they should never lose and you just watch 2 1/2 hours in order to see the Yanks win in the 8th or 9th inning. Just play the ninth simple as that and the Mets are unwatchable with errors I don't see at the little league level.

I spent my Tuesday night watching Deadliest catch. Those guys have more "guts" and work ethic than any of todays ball players.


bigjf said...

Mets day game. No Mikey.

And I haven't heard Mike laugh or poke fun at Boston in a long time, if ever. He's definitely a closet Red Sox fan. Mike would spin it as a big break for the Yanks, and blame the weather, because clearly Smoltz was going to pitch a complete game victory if the delay hadn't pulled him out of the game. He would then rip Okajima, give Francona a pass, and praise Theo for having acquired Nick Johnson without even picking up the phone yet!

KBilly said...

Mike will only get about an hour today. What a waste of talent.

KBilly said...

Someone just asked what would happen if Lt Frank Drebin was umpiring a game. Too funny. It is amazing the movie snobs that Mike and Dog are.