Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mets passed on Halliday???????????????????????

If Hayman's report is correct, and Omar and the Mets passed on the best pitcher in MLB, then someone needs to get Steve McNair'd.

Screw the bat, this year is toast. To have the two best pitchers in all of baseball at the top of the rotation for the next five years - while simultaneously preventing Halliday from going to the top division rival - should be kind of paramount. F-Mart, a couple of mid-level pitchers and a SS that the Mets don't need for the BEST pitcher in baseball, one who rests the bullpen with his 44 complete games?

Why am I not a GM?

Omar, PLEASE get that deal done. Take on the Wells contract. Don't be myopic.


Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on this report this morning.

How do you pass on this deal????

Then there are all these warm and fuzzy reports how Wilpon reassured Omar and Manuel that their jobs are safe????

As Mike stated yesterday, You can't prevent injuries but in certain situations a scapegoat is needed. Omar and Manuel need to become our scapegoats and get run out of town this year.

The fans and media do need to start the "feeding frenzy" and see these two where they belong: On a street corner drinking 40 oz of Colt 45!

I've had it with this organization!


Whatdoyouhave? said...

At some point you gotta think this has everything to do with money. The Mets simply can't afford to take on both those contracts and probably have to sign Halliday in two years (or whenever it is). That is the only reason possible I can see for not making this deal

Brian said...

Whatdoyouhave is absolutely right. Madoff screwed the Mets big time and it's catching up with them now. They're at their max in payroll - Wilpon lost about $700 mil. and isn't going to take a financial gamble on them any more.

Anonymous said...

Yes No Doubt!

The Mets are in worse shape due to the Madoff scandal than they have let on. It's kind of like there honesty with their injury reports(lol).

At some point(hopefully soon) they will address the "real issues" at hand to possibly garner some understanding as to how bad things really are.

Until they do that I look upon them as a team with a new building charging ridiculous prices for the honor to see a minor league team.

I for one refuse to throw my hard earned money towards attending a game at Citifield. If the Wilpons told us what is really going on I may feel some sympathy for them and purchase a couple tickets.


Anonymous said...

Mike is claiming the story is false! The Mets denied that the offer ever existed.

Lets see how this unfolds.

Mike is right though. Halliday gives the mets an instant fix for next year and should aggressively try to get him.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike just congratulated the Phillies on putting together a great organization - based entirely on "if" they get Halladay and then go on to win back-to-back World Series. Let's recap - it's July 21, Halladay is on the Blue Jays, and the Phillies are by no means a lock, considering their closer is still shaky.

Sounds like Mike just trying to hammer the nail deeper into the coffin surrounding the Mets' season.

gabagool said...

Come on guys, this is bs. THAT package of "talent" for Doc? He's a bargain salary wise also, per year AND number of years.

The mets would have JUMPED at that.
This is bs.

gabagool said...

But, if the Jays are insisting that ANY trade involves taking Wells contract, only the Yanks will do it. AND the talent going to the jays SHOULD be minimal. The Wells deal is the worst in mlb.

But I don't think a deal is contingent on taking wells.

Anonymous said...


The Mets season was over in June. Met management tried to get people to believe that they needed to get to the all star break and all would be right in the world as "The Core" made its return.

The Core is'nt coming back anytime soon, the pitching staff is a joke, and i've seen little league games played fundamentally better than the Mets defense.

The Mets threw in the towel much too early and that is what pisses me off the most! Than they insult peoples intelligence by not admitting to it and trying to get people to believe in lies and things like Pelfrey/Perez will pitch like Seaver/Gooden!

I never back Mike but I just think he is stating the obvious.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah I understand your points and your frustration, JD. Just saying Mike's congratulations to the Phillies was absurd

bigjf said...

Several places say that the Heyman report is misinformed, and I would have to believe that because otherwise, the Mets have no clue what they're doing. The only other excuse I could think of is money issues, which is pretty much inexcusable at this point. That said, I can't see Toronto accepting such a meager package like that. And as far as Halladay goes, I don't think he would refuse a trade to the Mets.

All that said, you're talking about a future Yankee. Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero should certainly be enough, but I would rather try to hold onto Montero and build a package around Jackson. Toss in Cervelli or Romine, Zach McAllister, and another arm like Mark Melancon or Andrew Brackman. If they want Ramiro Pena, they can have him too.

Loki said...

Toronto would want either Joba or Hughes in the package.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

As a Yankee fan I must say I hope the Yankees don't get Halladay. It's just too ridiculous at this point. Rare time I am in agreement with Mike.

Anonymous said...

The Heyman interview was a bit confusing.

As bigjf said maybe he was completely misinformed although I would'nt put it past the mets to be lying about the facts or even being too incompetent to make such a deal.

I completely agree Whatdoyouhave? that Halliday to the yankees would be overkill at this point. Of course I think the Yanks went too far this past off season and have(as Mike said) "upset the equilibrium" of the game already.

That being said I fully expect Halliday to be wearing pinstripes soon.


bigjf said...

Loki, if I had to include Hughes or Joba, I would go with Joba and Jackson, that's it.

As for the issue of overkill, I couldn't care less. It's rare to have guys like Sabathia, Halladay, and Santana traded. You have to go for it if you get a chance and can afford it.

Loki said...

I agree. The Yankees should be ruthless and just get him. Winning is winning. I love being hated by every other baseball fan.

gman26 said...

Loki - You're just hated by everyone.

Anonymous said...

I fully understand that the Yankees and the majority of their fans don't care how it looks or what it takes to get Halliday that is why I always said he would become a Yankee.

I just wish I had the opportunity to take you guys to Yankee stadium in the late 60's early 70's. Baseball was pretty awesome back than and the players were good as well.

Great baseball did'nt begin with free agency, ultra rich owners, and big time player contracts.

Another worthless prediction before I go:

The Yankees will win tonight. LOL


Loki said...

Gman - Ouch! It's okay, you don't have to be a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up!

The Mets announcers have Omar with them in the booth. They have yet to ask him directly about the Halliday trade(bad job by Keith and Gary), but it appears as though Omar is setting up his defense for not making the trade!!!

He is defending his farm system and has mentioned the players involved in the trade by name. He is defending the idea of building from within.

It is purely my assumption but this interview seems like an infomercial for Omars defense. I now believe that the trade was offered!

I also find it funny that as they are speaking Ollie loads the bases. Omar goes on to brag about the Francouer trade and a line drive is hit to him and he drops it.

You can't make this stuff up!!!


PS. 9pm Deadliest Catch(LOL)

bigjf said...

JD, the Yankees stunk in the late 60's, early 70's. I'm glad I wasn't around to see that.

Nor do I care that the rest of the baseball world hates the Yankees and their fans. How exactly is it overkill for the Yanks to have Halladay and Sabathia, but it's not overkill for the Mets to have Halladay and Santana? It cracks me up sometimes when fans of other teams, particularly Boston and the Mets, act like they are a poor, small-market team. The Mets are having a bad season because they're a hospital ward. The Yanks have had those types of seasons in the recent past as well.

If I was Omar, I would definitely be looking to do whatever I had to in order to get Halladay. Whatever he said on the broadcast doesn't mean anything. He isn't going to tip his hand. Every team except the Padres are making serious calls about Halladay. If the Yanks manage to acquire him, I would think they're going to give up a big package in return. In any case, blame the commissioner, blame the union, blame the Jays...it's not the Yanks fault, and as a fan there is no reason why I shouldn't hope to have the best team possible on the field.

If the Cardinals would like to make Mr. Pujols available, I'd be interested in that as well...

Anonymous said...

Hey bigjf,

We are going to have to agree to disagree but that is how Yanks/Mets fans co-exist(lol). The debate will go on long after we are gone and neither side ever effectively proves it debate. You're a passionate fan of your team and I can respect that.

You're right in that the yankees were'nt very good in the 60's/70's but I got to see my favorite player of all time Mickey Mantle along with some other great players as well as other great teams. You may find this hard to believe but I've seen far more Yankee games in person in my life than Met games and some of my all time favorites are ex Yankees. My current feelings for the Yankees did'nt develop until the late 70's/80's. I also got to see the original Yankee stadium, the reconstruction into the stadium most people know and love and now I can't afford to see the new gem in the Bronx(lol).

First and foremost I consider myself a fan of the game and am certainly a little turned off by the state of affairs of the sport and the prima donna attitudes of the athletes that currently play it. I blame several factors for it!

I think the Omar broadcast was very telling and not just a matter of him "not tipping his hand". I really do believe that the deal was offered and Omar turned it down. I think his appearance was "damage control" for the backlash that happened via the media and fans yesterday. I think he really believes in those prospects that were offered and thinks he can build around them. The interview had a very somber tone to it and the only person trying to be optimistic was Omar.

Hopefully time will tell and the truth will come out.


bigjf said...


No argument with that point. I'm also a big fan of the game and the history of the game, but it's much more fun when you're winning, obviously. I've gone to quite a few Mets games myself throughout the years, dating back to the days of Bonilla at 3rd and Kent at 2nd.

But anyway, if Omar really does have that high a hope for his prospects, then he's going to be sorely disappointed, I think. Martinez might turn out to be really good, but he's only 19. This is a team that sent a bunch of players in their system to the Twins for Santana in hopes of winning now, which brings up 2 points...1) Prospects pan out so rarely, and the better players in the game usually develop out of nowhere. 2) It's a big gamble to justify keeping prospects when you have a chance to acquire a starter as good as Halladay and help your team win...even if it's not until next year.

Anonymous said...

Well said bigjf!

Although I don't anticipate much winning coming from the Mets the rest of this year. I think things will get much worse before they ever get better.

I've always considered Omar to be a fool but I hope he is'nt foolish enough to actually believe what he was saying last night regarding prospects.

I do believe last nights interview was "damage control" for either a major mistake made or to try too influence fans to hang in there and keep coming to the ballpark.

Supposedly Omar is holding a press conference this afternoon. It may be about the recent backlash or may have to do with the recent Bernazard events.

Mike told his staff to get him Omar on the phone right after the conference.

Lets see what comes of it.


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