Friday, July 17, 2009

KBilly Gets Some Play

Didn't see this posted or noted yet but I thought you might like to see this.

If you read the BTF thread you can see M & MB mentioned.

I'm ready for Mike to come back. I mean, I did prefer Mad Dog to Mike an always preferred Chris's Saturday solo show to Mike's NFL Now show (even though it was the NFL, c' mon) but Chris has lost his way. Or, never had it. Here is why I think Chris is doomed:

- Satellite radio is a luxury. Times are bad
- He knows very little about sports, including tennis
- He's not a fan of any teams, except the SFG
- He's compelling, not too dumb but still, nationally unmarketable
- He refuses to acknowledge legit stats
- His book(s) are laughably stupid
- He needs Mike

So, that's why I never subscribed. Take heart MD, a job awaits you in NY. No way you get as crushed as Kay is getting right now. That man probably lays off his pisspoor ratings on the fact that he's never there. Also, you'll never, ever be as creepy as Rich Cuttino (spelling?; I'm not looking it up) when he interviews Mets players. I just get this picture of him sliding his chair closer and making his voice a little a lower and inviting them for an after game drink at the Super 8 Motel. Creeptastic, he is.

You know things are going poorly for your team when:

- Julio Lugo might be your 3rd best player behind Frenchy
- The announcers are waxing poetic about Walter Cronkite (RIP) in the 3rd

Good weekend boys.


KBilly said...
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AwesomeSean said...

You and the boys were referred to as the cognoscenti on the matter. High praise since I think BTF is the best site on the interwebs (thanks Repoz.)

You need installation and blah, blah...Much simpler to tune an AM dial bro.

KBilly said...

Everyone knows that redtube is the best site on the internet...

Anonymous said...

You know your team is bad when....

They announce Walter Cronkites death in the 3rd and you turn on MSNBC to watch coverage of his passing never to return to the game!

Speaking of which- don't you think it's odd that since it is certainly Mikes generation none of Uncle Walters iconic journalistic talents rubbed off on Mike?

After 2 games Mets vs. Braves:

Ryan Church 1 for 4 1 run scored

Jeff Francoeur 0 for 7 1 RBI

And That's The Way It Was...