Saturday, July 11, 2009

The End of the World as We Know It?

That's great it starts with an earthquake...

Yeah, that's what they think. Shoot, I was happy when I heard Church was heading south and Frenchy coming north. Now, not so sure. You have to click that link and read the comments. Some of them are downright hilarious.

Would've been a perfect day for Mike as the NYY lost one to the ANA Angels. He loves to pontificate on their ineffectiveness against these guys. Plus, Joba <>

Yeah, Mike had 3 of his favorite arguments made for him in one singular night. If only Inge had hit a walk off grand salami Mike might have done his show and retired immediately. Oh well.

Back to Frenchy: I know ATL hated him and the intelligent baseball crowd thinks he's borderline worst every day player in baseball. Me, on the other hand, thinks this was a good move since we get a righty bat and a youngish RFer. If he can OBP .350 or so, I think he'll add some value. The roster is punchless right now with Wright being a singles machine so any hint of power is a plus. Maybe in a week I'll change my mind but for now I am kinda happy.

Enjoy the weekend boys. If anyone out there is throwing 'em back today, I wanna hear about it.


Anonymous said...

If Francoeur can get his OBP to .310 it would be a huge accomplishment. He simply cannot get on base. He has regressed since his first two years, and shows no sign of catching on. His only advantages over Church are his relative youth, and his arm. That's it.

This looks like a trade for the sake of a trade, at best.

AwesomeSean said...

Yup, Anon, couldn't agree more. Still, better than throwing out the same tired team every day.

bigjf said...

This trade is only good for the Mets in the sense that they dumped a little bit of payroll. I don't see Francoeur accomplishing much more than Church. Who's playing CF now? Reed?

I knew Atlanta was way down on Francoeur but this is just two teams exchanging headaches.

Anonymous said...


This is nothing more than a player swap. A change of scenery for both players and gets Church out of Manuels doghouse.

Welcome to Citifield Francoeur. I hope your bat comes equipped with a Rocket Launcher.


KBilly said...

RIP Arturo Gatti

Anonymous said...

WOW! That Sucks!!!

Gatti lived by me in Jersey City NJ and we hung out at the same bar during my drinking days.

He was a nice guy who could certainly fight.

RIP Arturo


Bengoodfella said...

The problem with Francoueur is that his head is all turned around and he has no plate discipline. A change may help him. He is a free swinger, which is fine, but he gets himself in so many 0-2 holes where he has to swing at a bad pitch it's like he doesn't give himself a chance. Then there are times when you know he is going to be patient and the pitcher will throw good pitches for strikes and he doesn't swing because he is trying to be patient. He should swing at those pitches.

I hope for his sake he turns it around, but for all of you Mets fans the one thing I have learned is that it is NOT his fault and he will make adjustments only so long and then go back to his own ways. I hope he changes that but he never did in Atlanta. He doesn't take criticism very well and that was always the problem as well in Atlanta. He never understood how he was dragging the team down.