Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man Rammer and Big Sloppy on "The List"

Whoops, todays news that Manny and Ortiz tested positive in 2003, has the Beaneaters crying in the World Series trophies. My advice, don't worry, there were probably a few juicers on Colorado and St. Louis. Needless to say, this is the hot topic on sports-talk radio across the country today.

I think we all knew Manny was juicing all along and after his failed test for female fertility drugs typically used to follow a juicing cycle, that was pretty much confirmed. But Ortiz had been adament that he was clean and been a staunch supporter of stiff penalties for player who test positive. So let me share some quotes from Ortiz on the subject.

"You can test me, All you gonna find is rice and beans"
"I think you clean up the game by the testing," Ortiz said. "I test you, you test positive, you're going to be out. Serious. I know that if I test positive for using any kind of substance, I know that I'm going to disrespect my family, the game, the fans, and everybody. I don't want to be facing that situation, so what I will do, I won't use."
And before today's game against the Oakland A's (where all this steroid stuff began in the first place), Ortiz had this to say: "I'm not talking about that anymore. I have no comment

And then Ortiz hits a 3 run, go-ahead homer..


Anonymous said...

I guess most players today are on or have been on the "ROIDS". I'm even falling into the camp that maybe David Wright was on them? This years HR production from him is just too much of a drop off.

Steriods, the lack of a salary cap, and high ticket prices has all but destroyed this game.

I recently watched a game from I think 1977 on Yankees classics(Yanks vs. Royals). keep in mind this was my hayday as both a player and fan of the game. The announcers were discussing how Freddie Patek had to be weighed in like once a week and would be fined if he went over his weight.

I think his goal weight was like 140lbs???? I realize the game was different than and I remember a time when lifting weights was taboo for a baseball player, but at least the game had some purity to it.

On a side note-- Anyone have any thoughts on Arturo Gattis death being ruled a suicide?


AwesomeSean said...

I don't know JD...I really don't care about steroids and I endorse free agency. Drop a real bomb like Cal or The Jeter and maybe I'll be interested. Sluggers? Boring.

Brazilian chick in front of Brazilian judge being held for killing Canadian residing in the USA known for drinking and carousing? Yeah, suicide seems like the call.

Anonymous said...


I somewhat feel the same way about steroids. It still takes a great deal of talent to hit a 95 mph fastball or a professional curve ball.

Either make it against the rules for everyone and strictly enforce it or just allow and accept it.

As far as free agency goes - Give all the owners the same money and play it like they do in little league. A bit simplistic but something needs to be done. World series are now won in the off season and very little matters between the lines during the season.

I have'nt fully caught myself up on the Gatti story but something does'nt seem right.


bigjf said...

My day has come! I said back in Spring Training when Ortiz had all that bs to say when A-Rod confessed. Nothing to say now, David? Finally, I no longer have to argue with all these kool-aid drinking Boston fans who think Ortiz suddenly learned to be a big-time slugger all because he fattened up on cheeseburgers and milkshakes. If you've looked at the difference between his physique on the Twins and his days with Boston, aside from getting fatter it's amazingly obvious what was going on. David, you want a one-year ban for positive tests? So long!

I'd also like to get Senator Mitchell in a room and lean on him a bit. I think a few more names are missing from your report, Senator.

Schilling, Papelbon, Varitek, Beckett, Lowell...I could go on.

gman26 said...

bigjf - You're listing a lot of Sox. How about Yanks? We already know about Clemens and Giambino. What about Jeets? Oops. Did I touch a sacred cow? His neck muscles have definitely developed since '96. Anyone else in pinstripes? Maybe St. Joe took a needle in the ass.

AwesomeSean said...

I like GMan bringing it. Our host is not playing. Seriously, though, he's dead right. There have been tons of Yanks fingered. Not to mention, prior to the gazillion dollar contract the Giambino received, Cashman and the boys knew. Knew, like they were complicit. For a NYY guy it's a good day but it's still pot meet kettle.

Loki said...

I wonder if anyone would give a shit if the entire Mets team did steroids...

bigjf said...

gman, I never denied any Yankee using. My point is, while all the finger pointing was directed towards Yankees and Mets players with the Mitchell report, mysteriously no Boston player was named. And keep in mind this "report" was coming from a guy who worked in Boston's front office.

I don't know that Jeter used, but I wouldn't rule out anything anymore.

One thing I saw tonight is Canseco has said that there is a player in the HOF that used. He surprisingly didn't name the player, but I'm guessing it could be Henderson or Boggs.

bigjf said...

Just to add, I would take less satisfaction out of this thing with Manny and Ortiz if Papi hadn't acted all self-righteous when A-Roid was outed. Not to mention all the Boston fans who have acted like everything is clean and pure with their club. Now they can shut up. I still take the stance that all this is a disgrace to the game, even though I will always love baseball, but for a fan to act like their team is exempt is just laughable.

gman26 said...

Or Eck. He was also on Canseco's A's team. Anyone but Ripken. That would blow all that shit up.

bigjf said...

Agreed, Ripken or Gwynn would sorely disappoint me too.

I just get the feeling it's Henderson because Canseco has waited this long to say something like this, so my thoughts are he was waiting until after Rickey got inducted so it could be official. If it was someone else, I would think Canseco would have already included it in a book.

bigjf said...

Also, Canseco played with Rickey quite a bit on that Victor Conte co-owned Anabolics team.

Anonymous said...

Fuck ripken. couldnt it be possible that someone who played like 16 straight years could have used?