Monday, July 6, 2009

Bulls and Dogs

With Mike out this week it looks like this site will be slow for all non-Sirius subscribers. But as Jerry Garcia said: "If the horse don't pull, you got to carry the load." That's why I'm here.

The lineup on WFAN this week is Adam the (wanna be Francessa) Bull today and Beningo and Roberts the rest of the week. We don't even get a Mets day game (is that a good thing or a bad thing?).

So, it was a pretty eventful long Halliday weekend. Yanks won three against the Jays (Game 4 at 1:05 pm on 880 AM), beating a top-5 pitcher in the process. If Mike were on air today, Joba to the bullben would be a hot topic after he gave up 8 runs yesterday and was bailed out by a Who Dat reliever, who's name I can't spell.

Mets looked like magic elixer for struggling teams, getting swept by the Phillies, depite throwing out their own top-5 pitcher. David Wright went 0-22 in the two series against the Yanks and Phils, including the one-out, two-on double play he hit into yesterday.

Former Titans and Ravens QB Steve McNair cheated on his wife and caught the bullet train for it. McNair is a married father of four, who (in my opinion) was under kicking his coverage with that sour-puss chick (the dude is a multi-millionaire and if he's gonna cheat on his wife, he should do it with something nicer than a Dave & Buster's waitress).

JKidd turned down the Knicks. 'Sheed is heading to the Celtics. Tiger won some stupid golf tournament.

But for those of us with Sirius...Get ready for a mind numbing dose of Roger Federer and his "epic" match against Andy Roddick yesterday morning, which took place as I was nursing a July 4th hangover. The Wimbledon championship gave him one more Grand Slam victory than Pete (I married a hottie and my game fell off the table) Sampras. Whooptee freaking doo!


gabagool said...

When oh WHEN will guys figure out WAITRESSES? They're waitresses for a REASON.

Bengoodfella said...

What I want to know is why the Knicks were even after Jason Kidd as it is? I know an old point guard is what everyone wants but what's wrong with Duhon and Nate Robinson for another year?

I don't know if Joba to the bullpen is the answer for the Yankees because he had a bad start. Granted, there is a certain value to having an 8th inning guy who can hold a lead but it looks like Hughes is doing a pretty job in relief now.

David Wright will snap out of it.

Steve McNair probably should be aiming higher for Dave & Buster's waitresses but it is still very sad he got killed like that. I thought it was a murder-suicide at first. I guess not.

I am a big tennis fan but that match yesterday was a little bit of what I hate about men's tennis now. Neither player broke the other player's serve that often and the points generally were very short. It was exciting but I have to say I enjoyed last year's Nadal-Federer match more and probably enjoy the women's game more overall.

AwesomeSean said...

Yeah, Chris will be all over the tennis today. It was pretty compelling, the last 20 minutes that I watched, anyway.

I passively watched the Mets and Yanks this weekend but nothing ever seemed in doubt. Even when the Jays took a late lead on the Yanks on Saturday it just seemed temporary.

For fun, here are some Mets stats:

Mets starters on Sun: 46.1 VORP
Phils starters on Sun: 97.3 VORP

Mets are last in MLB in HR's with 50 and are 2nd in sac hits with 46.

I almost wish Santana would've gotten shelled yesterday so they could DL him as a precaution and the Mets would be forced to wave the white flag on 2009. Sadly, they're close enough that it will not happen and a bad trade might be on the horizon a la Zambrano for Kazmir.

KBilly...Even better about Joba's start was that he said he pitched well. That would've gone over great with the Big Fella, huh?

AwesomeSean said...

Isn't the market saturated with enough Scott Boras? Did we need Heyman to come on for another 4 hour infomercial? Anyway, Adam hasn't the slightest clue about anything outside of where to find an all you can eat buffet anywhere, anytime. He told Heyman that his scoops were 99% accurate and then really went out on a limb when he bragged about predicting a big 2nd half for ARod. All the while, completely feeding Heyman softballs about Boras clients. Then, he implied that the Mets aren't winning, not because of injury, but because there aren't enough WS winning players on the team before asking whether Delgado won one in Toronto. What a waste of space. By the way, he only cited KRod as a WS winning player. Guess he forgot about Castillo and Livan.

BGF...Thanks for the plug on Saturday. It was much appreciated.

This is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Not only that but Heyman thinks Mark Derosa would'nt have been a good fit with the Mets???? He sure would be better than anything the Mets are putting on the field right now!!!!!!

Micheal Kay is'nt happy with the Yanks making it a one run game and is now blaming the umpires for the Yankee loss! Hey Micheal... You can't win em all!!!

Another great reason to be a Met fan! At least I know the Mets suck and expect them to lose. We don't need the umpires to help us lose. This Met team can lose with the best of them!


Bengoodfella said...

No problem Sean, I should have done it a lot sooner.

It sounds like Adam is a waste of air for a host. A-Rod probably is going to have a huge 2nd half, he is getting fresher off his hip surgery and he is also rested from not playing in the beginning of the year. Not to mention he is a great hitter, steroids or not.

Why talk about something if you don't know what you are talking about? I can't believe he thinks the Mets are not winning because they don't have enough WS players on the squad. Idiocy.

Mark DeRosa would have been a great fit with nearly every team in MLB. He is versatile and can actually hit pretty well.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

I have to say that both Yanks and Mets fans were sweating Mark Derosa just a bit too much. Sure he would've been nice because he is versatile and is having a good year, but let's get serious here- he's injury prone and has never hit more than 21 HRs and over 300.

Don't know if any of you guys are listening now, but it's everyone's favorite host Adam the Bull and John Franco. How do Mets fans feel about John Franco? And how do you guys like him as a host? said...

That would be fun to call into this show and ask Franco if he still thinks that Rick Reed is a scab.

Anonymous said...

Derosa was the perfect fit at the perfect time.

21 HRs!!!! The entire Met "core" has 19 thus far and may not have many more than that comes seasons end.

Just a terrible job by Mets management and now it really has to suck to be a David Wright/Johan Santana. Who would ever want to play on this team the Mets keep throwing out there. It has to be just like playing in the minor leagues without as many "bus rides".

I never was a fan of John Franco and will never like him as a host. Talk about a overrated player.


gabagool said...

Yeah, Franco's schtick as "Mr. New York" and mob union head is so fricken old. I guess Mikes turned my off to pronouncing a's like r's and r's like a's......

And then theirs Chris with the mushmouth.........

AwesomeSean said...

John Franco would like to spend as much time as possible speaking about overrated ballplayers. Specifically, bullpen lefties from Brooklyn. Yeah, let's talk about them for a whole show!

Whatdoyouhave? said...

I agree the Mets def should've tried to get Derosa because of their horrendous injuries. All I'm saying is that he was being talked about on this station like he would solve all the Mets' or Yanks' problems. Last year he had 21 HRs - his most. His second most ever besides that? 13. He has 82 HRs in his career. Might have been having a career year this year, but now headed for 15 day DL I see.

Yeah listening to Franco wasn't too great. He seemed like he was falling asleep half the time. Then you got "Adam the Bull" (sounds like a self imposed nickname to me) pulling a Mike all day - just saying things to Franco and asking if he agrees. Booooring

bigjf said...

DeRosa probably wouldn't have had half those homers hitting in that ballpark.

Meanwhile, future Yankee Roy Halladay is being made available. The pursuit begins!