Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to baseball

Now that Black Wednesday is over, we can get back to baseball. Mets in Atlanta and Yanks have Thursday off. Ollie Perez toes the slab for the Mets, so it should be interesting. Pedro signed with the F--king Pilthys and I would be worried if I didn't see him over the last 3 seasons. Yanks are trying to get Halliday, which would give them a sick rotation. But why on Earth would Toronto trade him to the Yanks?

Tom Watson is leading the British Open with a 5 under 65. Tiger is 6 back at 71. Vijay is 2 back at 67. Sergio is five back at 70. Padreig and Daly are still playing.

But I can't listen to Joe and Evan on WFAN or Gary Williams on Sirius.

For those of us that are Mets fans, they are hiring:
Fan Photos Staff Photographers
Amazin’ Fan Photo staff photographers take photos of fans (not coaches, players etc.) during games and events, which are then made available via for purchase.
We require our photographers to be here 2 hours prior to game time to shoot the pre-game crowds. We usually shoot until the 7th inning, after which you are free to watch the rest of the game in the standing room only sections.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Is that Gary Williams as in the UMD coach? WOuld be great to see Watson win this. Went on this morning and saw a poll on there asking Who would you rather see win the Open Championship: Tom Watson or Tiger Woods? And at the time it was 15,000+ votes and Woods was winning the popular vote 54% - 46%. I couldn't believe it. Of course I am a Tiger hater but I couldn't believe that outcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad life gets back to normal tonight with baseball. Last night was a boring evening of TV.

I wish Pedro well with the Phils and would have liked to see the Mets re-sign him. Who knows the status of John Maine. Ollie Perez will probably never amount to much. Hernandez is showing his signs of weakness. Pedro would have given Citi field some excitement and possibly some solid wins. Even if the Mets are completely out of it come late August I would watch a Pedro start with interest. There was a lot of potential upside and very little downside. BAD JOB BY OMAR and the METS! BAD JOB!

Now the question becomes is how many wins does Pedro get against the Mets?

I enjoy Joe and Evans honesty but since they are'nt on the YES network I only listen to them when I have the radio on. Is Mike back on Monday?

KBilly- are you affiliated with the staff photographers? Last time I was at a game at Shea I ordered a picture of me and my friends. It makes for a nice keepsake of the game.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah forgot to mention that. I agree JD - glad to have baseball back, even if Yanks have tonight off. Will be nice to have the Mets game as an option or at least to watch in the background of the bar as opposed to reruns of Law & Order like last night.

I was also interested to hear Mets fans' opinions on the Pedro situation. What is the consensus? Do you feel betrayed at all by Pedro? I remember I felt a little bummed when Cone and Wells went to the Red Sox after their Yankees years. Obviously just shows how different the players are from fans.

I've enjoyed having Joe and Evan on for longer during the day and no Mike. Has me listening much more these weeks at work, when I'd usually only listen 10-1, now I can struggle through 10-1 (better than Mike's arrogance) and then enjoy 1-6 or whatever with Joe & Evan. I realize I am def in the minority on this site on that point though

KBilly said...

KBilly's Super Sounds of the 70s is in no way affiliated with the New York Mets or Sterling Holdings.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel betrayed one bit by Pedro and that's why I still wish him well. He would have certainly been a Met this year but the mets did'nt want him. Sports has become nothing more than a business. Pedro is a former great who still believes he has something left in the tank. I actually feel more betrayed by the Mets orginization and their lack of "making moves" this year.

Whatdoyouhave? I also perfer Joe and Evan over Mike. My problem is that I'm mostly in front of the TV mid afternoon so Mike is a nice diversion from the congressional hearings CNBC has on right now. If Joe and Evan were on the YES network I would probably watch the entire show like the good ole days of Mike and Dog.

I also have to add that tonight is elimination night on Big Brother so I'll have something else to watch on TV. Some of the girls are HOT AS HELL!!!

PS- tonight begins my 4 day worthless prediction of Ryan Church vs. Jeff Francoeur!


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah I agree with you JD about it being a total business. Just wondering if any Mets fans feel scorned that he's joining your biggest rival. But good point about Mets could've had him if they wanted him.

These hearings are a joke...

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Joe talking about the HBO special on Ted Williams that aired last night - when I finally found something to watch.

I saw it, and even though I'm a Yankee fan and hate all things Red Sox, I really enjoyed it and thought it was very well done. I've read a few biographies on Mantle and one on Dimaggio, but I never really knew all that much about Ted Williams. Very complex guy / figure in Boston

bigjf said...

Pedro is more a Red Sox than a Met, I would say. Wouldn't bother me much that the Phils signed him. Of course, if he comes up with a few quality outings, he's done his job.

Sounds like a good gig to get hired as a photographer and get to enjoy some games a bit. The Yankees have the same thing already going on, but I didn't see anywhere to apply for it over there...not that I would do it. I'd be way too distracted to do a good job, I'd be fired the first day.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things from this mornings WFAN programming I found to be humorous:

A caller likened the Met offense to watching a Soccer match. Lori Rubinson implied that we should'nt insult soccer fans with that comparision!

A caller informed Boomer and Carton that Newsday had them rated #1 for morning radio. Although Boomer and Carton were unaware of that and questioned how true it was Carton went on a sarcastic rant thanking Mike(without using his name) for being the cornerstone of the network. He than basically said how he needed to put in a good word for Mike since he could have Carton fired at will. It sounded like Mike has already made that threat to Carton before.

I think its funny how even within WFAN Mike has such a blowhard reputation!

Game 1 Mets vs. Braves

Ryan Church 0 for 0 1 run scored

Jeff Francouer 0 for 4 1 RBI


gabagool said...

You know those emergency broadcasting system things?.......BETTER THAN MIKE!!!

And NO sarcasm intended.