Friday, July 31, 2009

The Sissification of NY Sports Fans and Omar's Slumber

Do you think Omar set his alarm clock for tomorrow morning? Do you think he even knew the trading deadline was today? I mean, seriously, for all the garbage that was traded for useful players over the past few days, Omar couldn't snag one player? I mean, the Frenchy trade was a trade for the sake of making a trade. I liked it, for that reason and it's worked out well for the Mets. At the time, however, it was panned across the interwebs as a horrible trade. Still, I didn't care and Omar appears to have lucked out. I have to say, I was terrified that I was going to hear something like Wright and Pelfrey for Halladay so I'm glad that didn't happen. But, I mean, he couldn't grab a LaRoche, V. Martinez, Hairston or someone like that? He sucks.

Now, I was listening to Richard Neer this morning (cure for insomnia) and all I heard all morning was a repeat of the following:

- Tiger throws his clubs. I can't watch him. Boo hoo. My kids, bad example, etc.
- Big Papi, boo hoo, steroids, boo hoo, media ripped Alex, boo hoo

I am so glad the rest of the country can't see and hear what a bunch of sissies NY area sports fans have turned out to be. It's a GD embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

I went the entire day WFAN free and it was'nt bad.

Omar is a POS!!!

There are many reasons why he needed to make some moves long before today!

By not making any moves now(no matter how small) he is leaving the Mets open to having to get way too many players in the off season and the Mets will do what they usually do-- come up short heading into next season.

Omar needs to go so the mets can move forward.


KBilly said...

Outside of Victor Martinez, I have no problem with the lack of activity. LaRoche would have been nice to get too. But it shows that the Mets don't have any desired prospects.

AwesomeSean said...

Jonathan Niese was def high in the pre-game interview. Wow.

bigjf said...

A few points:

1) I heard Joe and Evan for a few mins today. Sounded like a couple of whining Mets fans the entire time. Did you really expect Omar to do anything? What competence has he shown?

2) Victor Martinez is not the answer for the Mets. He's a fine player, not a very good catcher, but even as a Yankee fan having to deal with him going to Boston, I don't feel very threatened. He's a 30-year old catcher with one year left on his deal after this season. Not worth trading for.

3) Casey Kotchman is better than Adam LaRoche. Any of you Mets fans who would have wanted Adam LaRoche would have been sorely disappointed. I am annoyed that Atlanta fell for that one.

4) How Boston still has Clay Buccholz, while also acquiring Victor Martinez, is beyond me.

AwesomeSean said...

Martinez would've helped the Mets more than he'll helpl the Sox. I have heard from at least one Sox fan who didn't want him at all. Anyway, that's the point. Sox got him without parting with any major league-ready talent. Was there no one the Mets could've offered?

KBilly said...

Giants sign Hakeen Nicks. 5 years $12.5 mil.

AwesomeSean said...

CC doing WORK today. Chisox slugging about 2.000 through 3. Niiiiiice, says Brandon Tierney.

bigjf said...

And that is why the Yanks made CC a very rich man. Brandon Tierney on the other hand? Not so rich.