Monday, July 20, 2009

Mike wants Halliday on the Mets, NOT the Yanks

Mike thinks that Halliday plus Santana would be a pretty good 1-2 punch. YaThink? But on the Yanks, Halliday would just be Conspicuous consumption, despite the fact that the Yanks have had the highest payroll in all sports for the past 32 years.

Also, the Mets aren't winning any more games this season, Carlos Beltran hates the team and the team hates Jose Reyes.

That's a lot for the big guy to spew in 45 minutes plus commercials.

Baba Booey to you all!


gabagool said...

It would be johan BEHIND holliday.

ANd Mike is only saying this because the mets would have to give the Jays exactly what Mike has wanted to get rid of since the off season. It would take ALL of Wright and Reyes. ANd THEN would they be. They need to ADD bigtime WITHOUT subtracting bigtime........that makes no sense.

And listening to this slob all year, the Sox are SOOOOOOOOO much better than the Yanks, AND they are spending shy but it would be allright for THEM to get Doc, but not the admittingly inferior Yankees. That make sense to anyone?

Me I don't want Holliday. There is no reason to trade for someone when you can sign them when they are free. I would rather have CC with no prospects given than Johann with the package the twins wanted for him. Teams should deal from strength, the Yanks strength comes from their income.

Bengoodfella said...

Why would the Mets trade for Halliday this year? I know they would have him next year but it doesn't make a lot of sense for this year. I also don't think Halliday should go to the Yankees, they can just sign him in two years and keep what prospects they have in the system.

I think Halliday will end up going to Philly, of course the way they are playing they don't need him. Don't the Red Sox have a surplus of starting pitchers, do they need Halliday either?

Anonymous said...

Omar and Manuel have said for weeks that the only way the Mets were going to weather the injury storm was with good starting pitching. Once again Omar, Manuel, and the Wilpons have tried to insult the intelligence of the average fan.

I ask how in the world did the Mets think that would happen? Pelfreys college coach is amazed at how bad Pelfrey has become and asked what the Mets did to him? Ollie is nothing more than a gamble. Even Johan has shown signs of humanity. So I do question why the mets have'nt been in the Holliday mix. I also don't want them to subtract but the Mets have failed to improve this year and threw in the towel much too early and the questions for next year are mounting.

The Phils would be awesome with his addition but I fully expect Holliday to be a Yankee.


Brian said...

Chris Russo back from vacation:

"This was not a hoax"

Steve Torre:

"If you think this was fake, you should talk to my wife"

They're saying it was real....yet Dog has the same staff that he had on the day of the tirade which makes it hard to believe.

gabagool said...
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gabagool said...


You mean guys who think he should be WHAT HE'S BEEN ALL HIS LIFE, FOR THE MOST PART, a opposed to WHAT mike? Joba HATERS......

gabagool said...

Has language been cleaned up now?

Is so, thats cool, just didn't know.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike in repeat-mode big time on this ABC golf coverage.... Although I agree with him on most of this. And I do hate Rick Reilly as well

gabagool said...

Yeah Mike

Google the video. I know its obscure, but only about the firstr 5 sites showing up say its been around for 4 months. But that took me almost 10 seconds, thats ALOT of research for a busy bookreadin' guy like you.

KBilly said...

I wouldn't say either Johan or Halliday is better. Halliday might get the edge for all the complete games he throws, but Johan is as good for 6-7 innings.

You are talking a righty and a lefty. Theu are both Cy Young winners who get 200+ innings a season. They are pretty much two of the 5 best pitchers in MLB.

KBilly said...

Good to hear that Doggie acknowledged Lawrence Taylor as the best defensive player in NFL history. Some jackass called in thinking Strahan was better.

That's just crazy talk. I like Strahan and all but L.T. was the man.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Not even close between Strahan and LT

Anonymous said...


Without Lawrence Taylor and the way he redefined the role of linebacker and how it is played there would never be a Michael Strahan.