Friday, July 3, 2009

A Day Off for Mike

I am not working today and am BBQ'ing the backyard. It's my birthday, after all. Anyway, wanted to try and figure out what the rest of the M and the MB crew were up to on this fine Friday. I listened in to Richard Neer who is snoozalicious although, he seems like a nice guy. There is no doubt, however, that if you met him out for a beer or two, he'd wax poetic about Simon and Garfunkel and order a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Watching the Yanks of course and put a little 10x action on the Jays. Few things:

1. Is it me or did Texeira stop hitting? Not a Yankee fan here so I need some help.
2. When I said I'd take Wells contract if I had to give up nothing I obviously didn't know he was OBP'ing .300. I may need to reconsider that.
3. Burnett is really good or really bad. Is that worth $82MM? Not to mention, the $50MM the Jays already paid him?
4. Michael Kay just suggested that Damon may bunt Jeter over in the 7th with no outs. I wonder if he understands baseball at all.

Well, as I sit in my backyard and watch the game I am assuming the following:

- gabagool is trying to figure a way to pull a Nancy Kerrigan on the big fella
- loki is cutting people off and flipping them the bird
- kbilly is camped outside Mad Dog's studio dying for an autograph
- jd is secretly happy about the Mets 2 game winning streak and is cautiously optimistic about the Philly series

Enjoy the 4th y'all.


Anonymous said...


ok. I admit it. I'm happy the Mets won yesterday but when K-Rod tried giving the game away I was like good-- I want the Mets to go down so Omar looks bad. I'll hope for the best this weekend but we're still a broken team.

I've been working my ass off around the house today hoping to whittle down my "To Do" list so I can hang in the yard and BBQ on the 4th.

I had the Yankee game on the TV inside and on the radio outside. So my day started listening to Kim Jones in the car this morning and than I had Waldman/Sterling outside and Kay/Cone inside and I'm ready to jump off a bridge.

Do Yankee fans really enjoy these announcers? Do they think they are objective? I'll turn the volume down next time but that usually makes for bad radio. LOL

Enjoy your day AwesomeSean!!!!


KBilly said...

Happy Birthday. Mine was Wednesday. I'm not camped anywhere and am about to crack open my fist beer and watch Entorage Season 5, which I got from Netflix yesterday.

awesomesean said...

Kbilly...cracking #5. Keep it updated, yo. Doing Carnivale myself, right now but not tonight.

gabagool said...

Happy birthday Sean!

1. I LOVE Richard Neer. He's respectful, he makes SPORTS the focas, not himself, he keeps up with stats and news, he intelligent.....he's the ANTI-MIKE.

2. Yeah, Tex has slowed down. I'm sure he'll heat up again.

3. Nice notice on Larry's gushing. I want to PUKE whenever some caller starts off with telling Mike (or ANY host) that they just named their first born after them.....brown nosing wusses.

4.You mean the same knees that prevented the ULTIMATE MALE from a potential HOF baseball career?

Its just that I hate dudes that got their asses kicked in high school, never got a date and not seek revenge pushing OTHERS around.
I worked at ESPN and saw PLENTY of that. TOO MUCH IN FACT.

gabagool said...

Sorry, FOCUS.

AwesomeSean said...

JD...tread lightly, right? 2 of 3 is shangra-la this weekend. Thanks for the wishes too. Also, NYY announcers are measured on a scale from ice pick to the ear to OK, I won't drive into a wall.

Kbilly...cancers are good apparently, huh?

gabagool said...

OMG Sterling is just HORRIBLE. And made worse when MMD, with those HORRENDOUS "sense of humor" of theirs think his calls are funny.........crush glass in my eyes. Please.

Sterling need a couple of chin cherries right in the face.

AwesomeSean said...

Gabagool...I shudder to think what sterling or Kay would really get if they waltzed into your restaurant.
Thanks for the wishes today. On #8 and the kids are wavering. Might have 'em in bed by 8.

Your team is stacked. Built reasonably well and will certainly contend.

Cheers to all m and mb alum for sounding off today.

KBilly said...

No Mike all next week. Looks like I'll have to pick up the slack with some Doggie posts.

bigjf said...

Teixeira has cooled a bit, but he'd be the MVP easily if he hit the rest of the season the way he did in June.

A.J. Burnett's last 4 starts, he's had like a 0.99 ERA...Pretty good.

Hope you had a nice birthday. That Met game sure didn't help.

Loki said...

Happy b-day! I just celebrated my birthday this past Monday (29th). Just out of curiosity, how old are you Mr. Sean?

At 19, I've got to be the youngest one who follows this blog..

AwesomeSean said...

bigjf...No, didn't help a lick. We got the kids down and went outside to sweat the Mets. 7-0 and I told my wife I'd been waiting all day for that game. Whatevs.

loki...Just hit 35. I got sneakers older than you brotha.

Happy BDay to you too.