Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Goes Up Before I Know Details

Mike will NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER put this on his stupid show with his ridiculous jingle. Arturo Gatti, the man who created a generation of fight fans is dead. What the eff? Guys like Pacman Jones, Shawn Kemp and Jim Leyritz still roam this earth and Gatti does not. Where is the GD justice?

I don't wanna get too insightful here or I'll cry all over my wife's expensive Mac, but:

1. I rooted for Gatti in every fight he ever fought except for three
2. He always seemed humble and cool
3. He was often the show, even as the undercard
4. He lived hard and settled into life; I hope his soul is not damned

Thanks to KB and the rest of the M & MD family to bring this up. It's a sad MF day here at M & MB and our thoughts and prayers go to his family.

Goodgoddamotherfuckingbullshit. Take the cast of Oceans 13. Gimme back Gatti

RIP my man. You gave us all everything.


KBilly said...

Gatti's Greatest Hits:
Ward/Gatti I: The first time they met, in May 2002, the 140-pounders traded devastating blows for 10 rounds before leaving it up to the judges to decide a winner. Ward earned the mixed decision, by one point on one scorecard and two points on another, in what Ring Magazine called "Fight of the Year."

"I was sitting him at the post-fight press conference - I can't remember which one - and I looked at his hand and it was three times the normal size," Duva said. "He gave me this goofy grin and he said, 'Yeah, I know. We'll party tonight and I'll go to the hospital tomorrow.'"

"I remember walking away from his last fight, and somebody walked up to him in the casino late at night and congratulated him," Duva said. "And he said, 'Why did he congratulate me?' And I said, 'He was excited to meet you.' And he kind of looked very surprised by that.

"He had no idea what an icon he was or how much he meant to people."

AwesomeSean said...

KB...I was at ward/gatti I and it pains me to say that it shoulda been 9th rd ko. Gatti did not answer bell in 10th. Then, he won round convincingly. Effing warrior, he was, RIP, but Micky shoulda got KO.

I miss the bastard

AwesomeSean said...

Any Catholic member of M & MB should feel welcome to a Mass in Arturo's Gatti's name on Wednesday July 15th.

Not Catholic? Come anyway.

St. Boniface, Wesley Hills, NY

RIP Arturo

gabagool said...

real life rocky