Monday, August 3, 2009


No Mike on WFAN this week. No Dog on Sirius this week. We are stuck with Joe and Evan on WFAN and The B-Team on Sirius for Afternoon sports talk. They both take off the week after the MLB trading deadline and the same week that Giants and Jets camp starts up. That's just weak.

Since I can't deal with that Cars 4 Kids commercial, you know where I'll be. I swear that this weekend I was sleeping with the radio on and at 4 am that stupid jingle woke me up like a 21 gun salute was in my bedroom.

So, since we pretty much know where we all stand on Mets/Yanks fandom. Let's take a poll to figure out where we stand on Giants/Jets. I am firmly on the Giants side of the fence, and I'd bet that Gman26 is as well. But I root for the Jets, as long as their interests don't conflict with my interests. Let's get the party started.


Anonymous said...

I grew up a Giants fan since my Dad was a huge fan and took me to see games all over the place.

About 20 years ago I was able to get 2 season tickets to the Jets thru a client at the time. I kept those tickets for 3 years but gave them up after that.

I now root for both teams but since I have a sore spot for the underdog I cheer for the Jets a little harder until their season ends.

My Dad was on the Giants waiting list for as long as he was alive and I added my name years ago. About 2 months ago I got an email stating I could purchase tickets to the new stadium.

I was redirected to a seperate site where I could choose my seats and see the prices. After seeing the per game ticket prices and the PSL I quickly deleted the email.

It's a Damm shame how we've been priced out of these sports!


Anonymous said...

Giants fan here. No real interest in the Jets except Rex Ryan is already starting to annoy me.

Richie said...

Mike is on Thursday and Friday. Only reason I can think of is that the Red Sox are in so I think YES not FAN wants Mike at the stadium on Thursday and Friday for this series

Anonymous said...

richie...why would wfan care if mike is at the stadium or not?

Brian said...

I've never seen a guy get as much vacation time as Francesa

I know he's back Thursday and Friday but I think he's out AGAIN after that.

Ryan T. said...

KB, Dog is back tomorrow. Working til Thursday, off Friday.

gman26 said...

Jints for sure. Although as Giants fans know, there is no animosity for the Jets. Except maybe when Parcells was coach.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

I'm a Giants fan who luckily scored a season ticket with a friend of mine starting last year - but we are "subletting" them from a friend's parent who has like 30 of her own somehow. So should be interesting when it comes to PSL time. Luckily we are 3 rows from top so only $1,000 if we do have to pay.

Like most others have said on here, I will root for the Jets when it doesn't conflict with Giants interests. But sometimes I'll roots against them if my Jets fans friends get annoying

Richie said...

to anonymous

WFAN cares about Mike being at the stadium for about 2.6 million reasons. In other words WFAN/CBS radio gets $1.3 million for Mike's show being on YES while Mike gets the other $1.3 million. Very simply if my employer tells me I have to come in on my vacation (as has happened many times but that is life)and I am being paid a good salary then you better do what the employer tells you.