Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fans, Fans, Fans; Good Fans, Bad Fans and Electric Fans

My next door neighbor growing up, Kenny, always described someone who followed the "hot" team or the winning team as an electric fan. I was young at the time but that always struck a chord with me. That is, you're a fan of a team through thick and thin. If you're lucky enough to be a NYY fan or a NYG fan, great. If you grew up a NYJ fan or a NYM, well, tough luck. Those are your teams and that's it. Each one of us has ups and downs. That's part of the fun (to me, anyway). Anyway, while I was learning this lesson from Kenny I was also getting smoked daily in wiffle ball, Intellevision boxing and football. He was 10, a NYY and NYJ fan and I was 8 and became a NYM and NYG fan. To the best of my knowledge, he's still the same and so am I...So, why am I writing this? Because on WFAN, "fans" aren't called out nearly enough. That's why I'm here.

Look, we're lucky as NY sports fans. We have 5 pro teams to root for in 3 different sports (sorry Buffalo and sorry hockey). If you don't like baseball, there's football or basketball. Don't like football? Try baseball, etc. We're not limited to deciding between the Hawkeyes or the Cyclones. We have choices. Good choices too. Time and again, however, some idiot calls into the station and professes their love for the Cowboys, the Raiders, the ChicagoeffingCubs for f*cksake. I mean, c'mon, dude, you're from NY, you've never even been to Dallas or worn cowboy boots! What is your major malfunction?

Seriously, I cannot stand people that root for teams outside of their state/region. If I were on one of these shows and someone called in to say, "Hey, I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge Vikings fan! RIP Korey Stringer!!!" I'd berate them for selecting a team in a state they can't even find on a map. Then, I'd hang up on them.

So, anyone out there fall into this category? Loki, are you a closet Chicago Bulls fan? JD, do you have a Romo jersey? Let's hear it and let's hear who we call think are the WORST of these types of fans.


Bengoodfella said...

Sean, I don't take offense to what you said about people rooting for teams outside of their area, but where do you draw the line? Is it if they cheer for a team outside their region if they have a team in the region who is in the same sport. Here are three examples and I want your honest opinion on this. I have taken crap before, so I can take it again.

For example, my favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves but there is no other MLB team in the area I live in, is that ok?

On the contrary, my favorite college football team is 1500 miles away because I did not like football when I was younger. When I got into football, my uncle knew this and started sending me jerseys and footballs from his hometown team and it worked. There are plenty of other football teams in the area where I live I could have chosen. Is that sort of what you are talking about?

Last example. My favorite NBA team I chose when I was 6 years old when my local area did not have an NBA basketball team, but when I was 9 years old the area did get a team but I stuck with my old team. What is your opinion on that?

I am just wondering because I have talked with friends about this before.

Anonymous said...

BGF...I think they're all legit. You have to understand, I am really on NY fans. There's no reason when you have pro teams in all sports in your backyard to go elsewhere. Look, a Liverpool lad does NOT root for Arsenal. Get my drift?

In your case, with sports that you take seriously, you chose teams in your area (Duke, Panthers and ATL). Totally legit.

I thought you burned all your Celtic items to spite Simmons?

Carolina D looked pretty good the other night. Especially in the 2nd half.

Lisa said...

Nothing worse than female Green Bay fans in New York. These are my favorite creatures at sports bars in this area. Give me a break.

You really feel okay throwing on an old Favre jersey, even though you can't name another player that's EVER been on the team? Do you even know if Wisconsin is a state or a city? Take off the fake cheese and go the f'k home please.

Bengoodfella said...

I was just wondering because I have taken crap for certain teams I like. It doesn't really bother me since most of my teams are in my area but I was just wondering.

I would love to burn anything Celtics related simply because of Simmons. If I could do it all over again, I don't know if I would have chosen a different team at the age of 6 years old but it certainly is a bit of a headache today.

My favorite college football team is so random but it just so happens the Panthers also had several players from that team who played for years with the Panthers and they were both of my favorites on the college team...and one drunk/drug addict from the D-line was drafted by the Panthers as well. All your favorite college players can't be great I guess.

The Panthers D looked good in the second half but I am going to continue having trouble defending Delhomme if he continually looks like crap. He missed several passes that he should completed. The team is deep and that is part of the problem. The team's run defense is the same from the 1st team to the 3rd team. That's not good. That was probably one of the craziest ways I have ever seen a game end though.

Hakeem Nicks = me not impressed. I almost regret saying he would be a good WR. Is he in the Coughlin doghouse already?

Lisa, I hear what you are saying about Packers fans. There are so many Packers fan even here in North Carolina that are Brett Favre Packers fans. I can't find a Edgar Bennett, Reggie White, Robert Brooks, or LeRoy Butler jersey anywhere...but there are tons of Brett Favre Packer fans.

Lisa said...

Right? It's ridiculous. And speaking of ridiculous... what would it take to make the press stop covering Favre's self-involved sideshow altogether?
Anyone caught wearing a Favre Vikings jersey should get beaten silly. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Including Favre since I assume he'll be wearing a Vikings Favre jersey.

Can someone update us on what Mike's up to today? I can't listen until later.

Loki said...

Mike is going on and on about how Farve "played the media like a fiddle". He could care less about what Farve does and believes that anyone who is saying that this tarnishes his legacy is just bitter.

Anyway, Sean I am a Yankee and Nets fan. I grew up a Yankee fan due to my grandmother's influence who went to a lot of games back in the day. I will admit that I only started following the Nets after I went to my first game back in 2001. They had just gotten Kidd and were really good. Their 2002-2004 seasons were really fun to watch. I also DESPISE football. I couldn't care less who wins and loses. Superbowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year because it marks the end of shitty football.

Anonymous said...

Considering in 2001 you were only 10, I think this is OK.

I can't believe a red blooded American male over the age of 7 hates football. I didn't know anyone like that existed.

Loki said...

Well that's exactly the problem. EVERYBODY loves football, which is unappealing to me. I'll just stick with baseball and basketball.

KBilly said...

They killed Kenny. YOU BASTARDS!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Phillies (Dad is a fan and took me to games as a kid), Dolphins (Liked Marino as a kid) and Knicks fan.

We're allowed to root for who we want to so get over it!

- Rock