Monday, August 31, 2009

NY baseball is like the McDLT

Anyone remember the McDonald's McDLT from back in the '80s? "Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool." Well the Yankees are the red-hot burger and bacon side and the Mets are the ice-cold lettuce and tomato side.
In NFL, the talk will be be about rookies. Mark Sanchez is the next Joe Namath. The Giants' WRs couldn't catch a cold in a polio ward, except for Hakeem Nicks.
But of course Mike is off this week, so its Joe and Evan for ya. Not sure if Dog is in this week, but he seems to take less time off than the Fat One.


Anonymous said...

At least Mike is consistent!

He takes a lot of time off and takes it before Football starts. Hopefully he'll be back next week on a regular basis. Of course after a day or two of his nonsense I'll wish he was still on vacation.

Of course that leaves a big void for the stories of the day. We don't get to hear Mikes take on the latest chapter of "Joba Rules" or his opinions on how Made-Off may have destroyed the Mets(even though Mike dismissed it when a caller first mentioned it to him by saying the Wilpons were making plenty of money). No Mike to discuss a great Little league World Series with actual "parity" in baseball or his discussion on one of the greatest sporting events of the year-- The U.S. Open!

Oh well-- hopefully Mike will get us in the football mood next week.


bigjf said...

I guess Joe and Evan pay zero attention the Yanks. I once thought Evan had potential as a fair host, but Joe has dragged him down. I'm sorry, but the Mets are currently irrelevant. Yet, all Joe and Evan did today was scream about the Mets and debate the opening day roster for next year. Are you kidding me? Rather than talk about the Yankees or football or something else, you're agonizing over something that is 8 months away? I understand the whole Madoff thing and how it affects ownership and the payroll is all worth discussing, but there's only so much airtime that should yield, at least until the story gets some further substance beyond the Wilpon's current cost-cutting and denial about possibly selling the team. The only chuckle I got was the line about selling tickets to Johan's and Ollie's surgeries. I know they have a large amount of time to fill in the big man's spot, but holy crap. Talk tennis or something!

Anonymous said...

Hey bigjf,

As you can imagine I have a lot to say about the state of baseball and this years Mets/Yankees seasons. None of it is good and in order to not sound like a jealous/envious jerk it's best I keep my thoughts to myself. To keep it short I'll look forward to some decent post season ball but overall the 2009 season became irrelevent to me probably right after the all star break. The Mets season actually became irrelevent even before that.

I did'nt hear a word of Joe and Evan yesterday and I would'nt defend them if I did, but if you can get over a lot of Jet/Met talk and a million BRO's they can be entertaining but that's about it. I heard their first hour today and it was Yankee baseball so maybe they read your post(lol).

Now I'm no tennis fan by any stretch of the imagination but thru the years I've come to love the U.S. open. I see USA network no longer covers it. It's on ESPN 2. I think I even saw chris Fowler from college gameday hosting it? It just does'nt seem to work IMHO.


bigjf said...

I think some of the tennis coverage is on ABC as well, which would make sense. I wasn't always a fan of tennis, but I got into it a little bit.

Just curious JD, but why so negative about this season's "state of baseball?" If it's not just the Mets being bad and the Yanks being good, what else?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's on ABC? CBS always had the weekend and finals coverage, but since USA is out of the mix maybe CBS is as well?

I'm not really sure where to begin with the state of baseball or my negitivity towards it. Here is a brief summary:

The season starts in spring training with a steriod issue and it continues thru the season.

Teams either have too much money, not enough money, or an unwillingness to spend thus dismissing any shot at parity.

Ticket prices for our local teams hit ridiculous prices! I first attended the US open over 20 years ago and was in awe of the prices there. Who would have thought that baseball would become "our new US open"?

Stadiums built that either play too easy or too hard.

Injuries reported as a 3 day injury and turn into a season ending injury.

A large number of bad calls by umpires(more so than I can ever remember).

poor defensive plays that would have gotten a kid benched on my little league team. In all seriousness the game has been made to look bad by some poor play this year.

Of course i could go into detail about the Joke that was Omar Minaya but that would take forever.

Yep-- I would say I'm disgusted. Bring on football!!!


bigjf said...

So you're looking forward to a sport where guys convicted of manslaughter and animal cruelty can easily get jobs, and one of the New York teams has annointed an unproven draft pick as the starting quarterback, while the other just let go of one of their star players because he shot himself in the leg and is going to jail and, by the way, he happens to have a book that details his possession of guns. This is also a league that's often termed the "criminal league," and the world turns a blind eye to its incessant drug use because of that. I would calm down about my disgust with baseball, JD. The Mets may be a disgrace, but this hasn't been that bad a season. Teams have different revenue streams, but it hasn't stopped the Rockies from probably making the playoffs again. Baseball has trended towards a lot more parity since the revenue sharing program, despite the fact that some teams aren't spending that revenue the way they're supposed to. To me, that is pretty impressive given that it's a 162-game schedule vs. football's 16.

Anonymous said...

Come on bigjf your're better than that!

I'm entitled to my opinions about how I feel about a sport I grew up on in the 60's and 70's and played to a high level. It's not the same sport in my mind. You're giddy because you're a Yankee fan and want the world to think this year has been an accomplishment despite the money spent. I'm fine with that and don't blame you for defending it. We've already agreed to disagree on it.

I've been the first to admit that the mets are a disgrace to the game this year and i've been saying it sooner than most this year.

As far as football goes- it's a game. A THUG game but a game nonetheless and I'm a sports fan. It gives me something to do with my Sundays. Also keep in mind I never played the game so I don't take it as personally as I do baseball.

I'm ok with my relationship to the sports/athletes I follow. If it's disgust so be it. I also back my feelings up by not giving teams like the Mets/Yanks my money and I know that a championship, while nice, does'nt change my daily life one bit.

I appreciate and respect what your saying but I don't see the need to lecture.


bigjf said...

Alright, JD, I'll backpeddle a bit for ya. You're entitled to your opinion, and I was giving you my perspective on the matter. No harm done. I'll be watching some football too. I don't love it like I love baseball, but yes it's something to do on a sunday. That said, I just take exception to people who claim they've been disillusioned by baseball because of the steroids yet they accept and embrace football.

Anonymous said...

It's all good bigjf!

I actually think we may be on the same page with the steroids. I don't really care about it either way. It's the players own health that may ultimately be affected, yet I also realize that it still takes an awful lot of talent and hard work to perform at the MLB level.

I just don't like the attempt baseball has made at a policy, the player press conferences where the fans are treated like idiots, and the endless chatter that ensues on sports talk radio over it.

Baseball is also my sport of choice but I'm looking forward to the diversion of some college football this weekend.


Anonymous said...

check this out!


Ryan T. said...

RIP Mike and the Mad Blog

Loki said...

Francesa will now broadcast his Football Sunday show on YES, starting this Sunday.

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