Friday, August 14, 2009

I got F'king octopuss coming out my F'king ears Mang.

Tony Montana: "Jou know I eat octopuss tree times a day? I got F'king octopuss coming out my F'king ears mang."

This is how I feel about the Mike Vick situation. Two-and-a-half years of this debate for a guy who went from the boardroom to the mailroom, taking a backup job at 1/13th of his previous salary after serving almost 3 years in the can.

Evan is on a soapbox over this indignity to humanity. He claims that if he were ever arrested, WFAN would never welcome him back. What he forgets is that some other station would, for the overnight shift.

I'm not a fan of Mr. Vick, and I lost some serious $$$ on him in the National Championship game against FSU, but he's a football player and he's been cleared to play after six weeks, so get over it.

This has caused me to turn off sports talk for the remainder of the day and watch Scarface.

Sosa needs to send a hit squad into the WFAN studios ASAP.


AwesomeSean said...

Holy smokes!!! I almost called in today over this travesty of a show by Evan. He could not have been more WRONG!!! To you, KBilly, I say AmotherscratchingMEN brotha. Good on you. Great post. Eff Evan and his holier than thou, single man with a cat righteous indignation. KBilly, get ready for the blowback. This board be hearting them some Joe and Evan.

Anonymous said...

Evan is an arrogant little shit. Tired of his whining ass.

- Rock.

AwesomeSean said... should contribute and explain. Another indignant media member, who I'm sure you love, Pearlman, regularly chimes in when the interwebs blow him up. Steal a page here and let's hear from you. Why are you scared of numbers? Does your computer not allow Baseball Prospectus or FanGraphs?
Evan, we want to know. Obviously, you're reading this. Were you trying to get a different show with Ron Kuby today? Give us the dirt Evan.

gman26 said...

Vick did everything he could do to win that Sugar Bowl. That loss wasn't his fault.

No Francessa today? Shocker.

Wayne Hagin is unbearable. I listened to him yesterday. At one point he was talking about how much he loves air shows. Thanks for opening a window into your pathetic little world, Wayne.

But the biggest beef I have with him is the over-dramatic way he talks. He was talking about a Met catching prospect and said, "This kid is ONLY 22! He's not EVEN 23 YEARS OLD!" Oh my god, Wayne! The guy can't even rent a car yet. Now that's young.

KBilly said...

Joe and Evan can't let this go. Vick is signed, get over it.