Saturday, August 22, 2009

Touch of Gray

Keep your tie dyed shirt on KBilly. I am not glorifying any of that hippie BS music you like. Rather, I am expressing my amazement that there's a men's product that dyes your hair gray, slightly. I'm serious. I am watching the Sawx ritualistically dismantle the Yanks as I wait to watch the Phils gain their redemption on my punchless Mets when the commercial was aired. I'm still serious. This product grays your hair. Where are Hernandez and Clyde when you need 'em?

Will we see "Kinda Bald" or "Slight Paunch" soon?

Happy Saturday M and MB readers.


KBilly said...

AwesomeSean, you trump Suzyn Waldman's balls with a Grateful Dead bashing post referencing some commercial? Weak dude.

Sorry that I think Matchbox 20 is crap. Listen to Grateful Dead: One From the Vault. If you ain't hooked in 30 seconds, you have no taste.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, KBilly. I was just being snarky. I didn't know you ACTUALLY liked the Grateful Dead. Oh boy, this is embarrassing.

For you.

The Grateful Dead suck. Period.

Look on the bright side: You don't seem to be puttering around Bellevue looking for a 2nd helping of tapioca or asking me for change for "food" on 41 and 6.

Small steps Kbilly, small steps.

Loki said...

AS - 1
KB - 0

Loki - 81892

KBilly said...

Loki, pop your cherry and you can talk. I know Seton Hall is a Catholic school and all, but find one of the girls sticking a plastic fork in her eye. You can probably close that. Or maybe one of the priests will have you.