Friday, August 21, 2009

Complain about Suzyn Waldman's balls and she'll show you!

I know that I heard it out of context, that the ump was probably telling a pitcher not to complain about the strike zone, but as I walked into my bathroom to give back some beer on Friday at 8:12 pm, all I heard was Suzyn Waldman say: "Don't complain about my balls or I'll show you."

I literally did a double-take at my bathroom radio (always on) and ended up hitting the floor with my stream. Then I thought for a second and figured out what she meant...AND then I laughed my ass off.

A zillion thoughts ran through my head. Does Suzyn have balls? Is she willing to show them? Are Suzyn's bigger than Sterling's? Is Suzyn actually Loki's secret, long sought after, taco? The possibilities are endless with a quote like this.

Somebody please tell me they heard it and/or recorded the radio broadcast. It was said in the top of the 4th inning with no outs between 8:12 and 8:15 pm.


bigjf said...

First off, gross!

Secondly, eyes off Suzyn. She's all Sterling's!

I was watching on TV, but I totally believe you. She blurts out ill-conceived phrases all the time.

But in her defense, the strikezone was awful in the early innings, and Joe West is a fat hothead.

Anonymous said...

I like beer.

Anonymous said...

I watched the early innings on TV and there was some chatter between Joe West and the Yankee bench regarding the strike zone so I'm sure Suzyn was putting in her two cents worth.

No doubt hers are bigger than John Sterlings but I think hers may be smaller than Kim Jones.

I have never heard anything so unlistenable as Suzyn/John since Phil Rizzuto did the TV broadcasts!!!

For you baseball purists out there-- find me better played MLB this weekend than pool play in the Little league World Series?


KBilly said...

I'm calling Doggie on Mundee to request that his crack staff locate this sound bite.

Anonymous said...

Im fucking cummin all over waldman as she says Oh My Goodness!!

bigjf said...

JD, I'm betting there was an agreement in place with MLB and little league to play shoddy defense this week so as to make the little leaguers think they could play this game for a living. I think I even saw Beckett cry last night. Well done!

Host PPH said...

I bet that it was shocking to listen something like that. but It was the beer.