Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baseball Discussions to Round out the 2009 Regular Season

It's a weird day for Mike...Yanks are off today as they fly cross country to (hopefully not) twist the dagger in the Sawx season. Mets (I guess, I wasn't watching) got smoked last night and Rangers relinquished their lead in the WC. That's about it. I mean, he'll be able to speak about the consequences of the upcoming series in Beantown, playoff postitioning, the NYY rolling and the Mets ending the year on some kind of upswing but that's about it. So, he'll be forced to field calls on the MVP race. From New York Yankee fans. Who are only vaguely aware that baseball is played outside of the Bronx. Who are pretty sure Captain America invented baseball. This is going to be fun. Hyperbole and exaggeration will be plentiful.

Now, I know this board isn't especially fond of stats so I won't bore you with the actual numerical breakdowns between the top 3 (my top 3, anyway) AL candidates. Any posted stats I'm sure will be drowned out by recounting of the flip play or the face-first-in-the-seat-while-Nomar-cried-on-the-bench-play. Instead, I'll just say that the writers often get these awards wrong anyway. This year, I suspect will be no different. I mean, if they get it wrong (Tex or The Jeter), we won't be surprised and if they get it right (Mauer) it will not be because of far and away superior offensive production but because he's a good kid, with a lot talent, surrounded by less than stellar talent. The bottom line is that in nearly every important statistical category Mauer dwarfs both NYY.

The more compelling discussion might be the Cy Young. Who are we thinking? There is no run away winner this year, right? Maybe we should give it to Wang as like a lifetime achievement award. I think I heard on the radio once that he won 19 games, 2 years in a row!!!


Lisa said...

Baseball is played outside of the Bronx?????

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Lisa, are you you the famous Lisa from Whitestone?