Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eli, Tiger and Cano...Maybe some Pedro

Mike is celebrating the one-year anniversary of his final show with Mad Dog with a trip to Albany for the NY Football Giants training camp. As WFAN is the flagship station for the Giants, Mike will be able to get GM Jerry Reese, Head Coach Tom Coughlin and Super Bowl XXII MVP Eli Manning. He'll also probably get RB Brandon Jacobs, rookie WR Hakeem Nicks, LB Antonio Pierce, and either DEs Justin Tuck or Osi Uminyora, with a couple other players sprinkled in.

Here are my Over/Unders: Replacing Plaxico - 8 1/2; D-Line rotation/depth - 6 1/2; Ernie Accorsi name drops - OTB; Replacing Derrick Ward - 2 1/2; Eagles revamped offense - 1 1/2

Also sure to highlight the show is Tiger at the PGA Championship, where he is currently tied for 5th at 2 under par through 10 holes, as is Padraig Harrington. Lefty doesn't tee off until about 3:00, so he'll be watched in the second half of the show.

Even though he's at Giants camp, Mike will have to dedicate some time to Robbie Cano's extra-inning game winning hit last night and Pedro's 5 innings of 3 run ball in a Phils win.

But it will be a football-dominated show today. Even though I'll only catch the first hour, knowing NFL is right around the corner is a godsend for us Mets fans who also happen to be Giants fans.

UPDATE: After learning Ernie Accorsi is at Giants camp today, the O/U on Ernie Accorsi name drops has been pulled off the board.


Anonymous said...

All this Football talk is getting me excited!!!

As a special treat I have two worthless perdictions for today:

Springsteen will officially open the "New Giants" stadium


This years Super Bowl winner will be:

The New York Yankees!



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