Friday, June 19, 2009

Mike ain't steamed, he's BBQ'd

Heard about five minutes of Mike today. He was on a tirade. On his list are: Joba should be in the bullpen. Joba is babied and the only reason his ERA isn't over 5.00 is because he's pulled in the 5th inning. Yanks are lucky to win 2 out of the last 8 and the two they won were due to errors.
"Who takes credit for this mess?"
"The Yankees mailed in this series!"
"Girardi gets no effort out of this team, and I'll ask him about it at 5:00" (note the plug)

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You forgot "This is totally unacceptable." What are the repercussions, Mike? He's great when he's angry. About ARod's recent Batting Average. "He's hitting Point Eighty-Eight! Point Eighty-Eight!" The second time did it for me. I wasn't convinced that ARod was slumping until he said it again.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the handwaves and screaming at callers.

Yesterday Mike impressed us with the word "prognosticators" when referring to the weather experts for the golf tournament/Yankee game. Today we get the acronym JAG(Just Another Guy) referring to pitching reports of Joba. Who knew Mike could be so educational.

Yesterday Mike called Yankee fans spoiled (which I've always known for many years), yet who is acting like the spoiled child today? The Nationals are entitled to win a game just like the Yanks are. Championships are another story.

Once again here is the Yankee season in a nutshell. The last few series have been bad. Soon(maybe starting tonight) the Yanks go on a winning streak and Pies in the face will be the norm. The Yanks will go on a losing streak at some point and this will happen a few times throughout the season.

The Yanks end the year well above .500 and based on the remaining games with the Red Sox may be far in first place.

The postseason will be interesting to see which Yankee team will show up but in large part be based on the performance(or lack of) of one Mr. Alex Rodriguez.

What Mike says or the number of handwaves or volume in his voice is completely irrelevent.


bigjf said...

I have to agree with Mike a bit today, not on the Joba to the bullpen thing, but losing 2 out of 3 to the Nats is unacceptable, especially given how they lost last night. That game moved very quickly, and the Yanks mailed it in. I didn't watch the post-game, but if it's true that there was all this "hat tipping" to the Nationals, that is just wrong. The Yanks gave no effort, and that falls on the manager. This is one of those days that I wish George was still around running things. I agree that there appears to be no one to answer to for these kinds of performances.

As for Joba, I'd like to call Mike and argue against him going to the pen, but I would wait for 3 hours just to get handwaved in 5 seconds. But stuff aside, Joba's biggest problem is he doesn't throw strikes. If he can't do it as a starter, then how are things going to be any better with him coming out of the bullpen in pressure spots, walking guys at that point in the game? Part of me feels maybe Joba should be back in the minors, but I do believe Joba is going to develop into something really good. He is only 23. I'm not saying he's going to be the second best starter in the AL, but he does need to work a lot more on his command and get over this idea that he's something special and accomplished already. His spot isn't guaranteed, and his cocky attitude makes it seem like he isn't working as hard as he should be. But I still feel putting him in the pen would be a waste. I don't know what happened to 98, but you don't need 98 to get outs. You need location. The immortal Stammen did it last night by chucking 88 right down the middle.

UpstateJohn said...

Hey Mike,
what's "totally unacceptable" is a frickin' 5 and a half hour rain delay!! I don't care about the logistical problems with trying to reschedule the game. 5 and a half hours is obscene. The Yankees mailed it in?? Who wouldn't after sitting around for 8+ hours waiting to play the Nats.(I know both teams faced the same conditions but which one was more likely to have a wee bit of difficuly "getting up" for the game when it eventually began.) The Yankees got just what they deserved for the complete and utter disregard the organization showed to its fans.

And by the way Mike, A-Rod's hitting "point 088" not "point 88"--I think everyone would take "point 88".

bigjf said...

John, how did the Yankees do wrong by their fans? Whether the fans stayed the full time or left, they are allowed to use those tickets towards another game either this year or next season. Sounds pretty good to me. It's also not the Yankees call to make on whether to postpone the game or not. That's MLB's call. It is the Yankees call, on the other hand, to reward the fans that way. The players, on the other hand, waited 5 and a half hours in the greatest of facilities. They could have bothered to show up come game time. They knew it wouldn't start on time. They have weather updates all the way.

UpstateJohn said...

Biggie, Far as I know, Yankees make call to play/postpone prior to 1st pitch. As for using the tickets for another game, I assume its based on availability which will be interesting seeing as most of the seats for the season--at least those that are not ridiculously overpriced--are already sold. While I agree that all reports are that the player facilities are plush, these guys are creatures of habit and waiting 5 and a half hours most likely threw a bunch of them off; at least, thats how the Yankees played.

bigjf said...

John, MLB makes the call on whether to play or postpone. Not the Yankees.

UpstateJohn said...

Big, I based my comment re control of delay/rainout prior to start of game on MLB rules.

"3.10(a) The manager of the home team shall be the sole judge as to whether a game shall be started because of unsuitable weather conditions or the unfit condition of the playing field, except for the second game of a doubleheader."

Once game begins, umpire makes the call.