Saturday, June 13, 2009


So, Sunday will tell the tale.  Will Mike bemoan the Bombers inability to pummel a downtrodden bunch or will the pinstriped bunch salvage a series win?  Will Mike drone on and on about the lack of fortitude in a playoff atmosphere or will the boys from the Bronx come through in a big spot?

If you really love Mike and huge bowls of popcorn, you'll know tomorrow night.  For the rest of us, we'll get the gist at 1:07 PM on Monday.  For now, the Yankees can be happy that they can justify their lack of production on facing an unknown.  Let's erase the fact that the man was a 10 year minor leaguer and focus on the fact that Jetes had never faced him, right?

As for me...Well, I see Burnett giving a sub-$820000000000000000000000 effort and I see Johan throwing a gem.  

Come Monday, Mets fans are happy and Loki is kicking himself in the shins.


Loki said...

I actually did have really bad shin splints today. How did you know?

KBilly said...

Johan is gonna fucking smoke the Yanks.

Did I eat it after Picking? said...

There just might be a plunk or two today. Don't think Johan can hit anyone currently playing in Trenton should be fun.

Anonymous said...

WOW- Brian Bruney has a big mouth!!!

Those are fighting words he and K-Rod are exchanging.

This will get interesting.

Memo to Bruney:

You ain't Roger Clemens and K-Rod ain't Mike Piazza.


First Time, Long Time said...

JD...agreed about Bruney and listen I hate the Krod antics after a save, but here's a question for Bruney - do you have the same issue with Joba when he spins, twirls and fist pumps after an out that doesn't even win the game? And I do think this is one of those times where Mike would actually side with Krod and tell Bruney to shut up. Looks for a lot of "bizarres" from Mike to sum up these first two games

Anonymous said...

And as I typed my last post K-Rod went up to Bruney on the field and pushed Bruney and the Pussy stood there like a punk and did nothing!

I also am not a fan of K-Rods twists, turns, and pumps, but Bruney needs to get into a major league game before he talks any shit.

Also great point regarding Joba.


First Time, Long Time said...

did something really go down today between krod and bruney?

Anonymous said...


During pre game warmups Burney was in the outfield and K-Rod approached him and pushed him with his finger.

It appears that K-Rod was doing most of the talking and Burney was just standing there. K-Rod was held back by another player.

They only showed it for a moment during the pregame on CH. 11 but it did in fact go down.


bigjf said...

Looks like the only thing Johan smoked is some pole.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Bruney, if someone pushes you, you don't need to push back or escalate. It may be a bitch move depending on circumstances, but one may do it as a sign of disrespect. In this case it can convey "he's running his mouth and pushing, but it's not worth the effort for me to administer a beating and also, I am so unconcerned by the threat that he poses that I do not need to defend myself preemptively by laying him out."

Bruney outweighs him by more than 40 lbs. and he's not fat. That doesn't mean he'd win, but it's something to think about.

Baba Beely said...

Mike went with the enormous bowl of apples last night. Health kick?