Friday, June 6, 2008

Mike and the Mad Dog VS Bill Simmons

Mike and the Mad Dog have revisited the Bill Simmons and Bob Ryan Controversy today. They got all over the Sports Guy. Here is what they had to say:

Mike: I was very disheartened to learn that Bill Simmons thought Elgin Baylor was a point guard (Russo cracks up)
Russo: I mean Bill wouldn't know who Bailey Howell was, Mike Ramsey, any of these guys.
Mike: It really bothered me. He thought Elgin was a Point Guard.
Russo: I mean C'MON Bill, what are you gonna write about the Celtics and the Lakers and eliminate the 60s?? I mean, what the balloons and the Forum? 30 points and 40 rebounds for Russell in Game 7 in '62. Jerry West, I mean, what are you NUTS??
Mike: 61 and 22 for Baylor in Game 5 in the Boston Garden. 61 points and 22 rebounds. I mean, is that unbelievable? West averaged 40. Havlicek averaged like 37 in the series.
Russo: I mean, C'MON
Mike: That is unbelievable. Bill, come back to us.
Russo: Don Nelson's jumper at the Forum when it staved off the Lakers comeback...I know Boston won them all but the Lakers and Celtics was a GREAT rivalry in the '60s.
Mike: I'm afraid Bill now feels that since he has been accepted as mainstream media now that he is not allowed to be criticized.
Russo: What was the word you used for it before? He has a what?
Mike: Glass jaw
Russo: That's a tough comment
Mike: He's got a glass jaw. I mean I love Bill but he's got to toughen up a bit. He's got a bit of a glass jaw.
Russo: And leave Ryan alone. Bob's got enough heartache, he doesn't need to hear from you. Leave Bob alone for gods sakes!!
Mike: And Bob was upset cause you know Bill's little followers were bothering him so leave him alone.
Russo: What the 18-year-olds?
Mike: Yeah, they're bothering him, who have never heard of Elgin Baylor. They think Elgin Baylor was just a guy who showed up every year on the lottery show (laughing), didn't realize he played.
Russo: (laughing) Who put Bill Russell behind Pau Gasol (Laughing)
Mike: (Laughing) That's right and never heard of Frank Selby.
Russo: And don't know about that missed shot in Game 7 of '62
Mike: Never heard of Satch Sanders
Mike: The guy's got a glass jaw
Russo: He shows a lack of history. He talks about the Celtics and he's a Celtics fan, you tell me?
Mike: He's a Celtic crazy.
Russo: Well how can he eliminate the 60's between the Celtics and lakers!!!
Mike: And it's not a rivalry because the Celtics never lost? Now c'mon. C'mon, that's like saying Alydar and Affirmed was not a rivalry.
Russo: Or the Yankees and the Red Sox before 2004!
Mike: I mean c'mon. It's ridiculous. Bill, come back to us. Please.
Chris: Bill showed a couple things you don't like there.
Mike: Bill, come back to us.
Russo: A lack of knowledge most of all.
Mike: Bill, come back to us.

Umm, Mike, Chris. Isn't this a bit of the pot calling the kettle black here? You boys don't exactly take criticism very well. David Stern made both of you look awful a couple days ago and you both tried to downplay it. And getting a fact or two wrong? Uh. How many times a day does that happen with you guys?


gabagool said...

You guys want to know WHY, WHY these two JOKES are two of the LUCKIEST human beings to be walking the face of the earth? Copy and past this website address and simple LISTEN to the audio. You will SHAKE your head in disbelief. These to jamokes don't make a living, they make BIG BOY CASH, the type with TWO commas. And that is a sin. Guys who pull in that type of cash just have to be better than this. God, they suck.

gabagool said...

Sorry guys

For some reason this site wouldn't print the whole address. So if you want to hear our heros "announcing" a play by play simply google:

Awful announcing mike and the mad dog

That will take you to an UNBELIEVABLE audio clip.

gman26 said...

Thanks Gaba. If I'm not mistaken, MMD are frequently showcased on the awfulannouncing website.

gabagool said...

I didn't know that, thanks..... uhmmm
no wonder.

Thanks for a great website to vent, by the way.