Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well folks here it is and I must say this is VERY lame. The new jingle is essentially the old jingle with some new wording...and yes it is Mic'd Up:

"He's talking sports going at it as hard as he can. Mike Francesa on the FAN. Mic'd Up and having fun on New York's Number One, Mike Francesa, WFAN"

Then Mike opens with NOT liking the new jingle. That basically it's the old one revised. Then Mike makes the guys play the other contenders. He is not happy with this open. Then Mike reveals they have NOT settled on a new jingle yet. He is complaining that it's the same song. "They got to me be kidding me, these guys didn't work long on this." Breaking news: The jingle is not yet decided on.

You gotta hand it to Mike. You knew he would use his "new" show as a way to deflect attention away from dealing with the Yankees.

Update from Mike: " We are still in the jingle phase."


bigjf said...

First blockbuster of the new season, Mike declares the Yanks dead. Apparently, I'm more delirious than he. I will continue the fight for that fat piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

he tries to play dumb with the new jingle like he hadn't heard it before. Do you think he would ever let them play it first without him hearing it first? Yet he acts like he just heard it for the first time. What a pompous prick.

bigjf said...

"We are still in the jingle phase."

By "we," of course, he means everybody but him.

bigjf said...

anon, I do think he'd play it without having heard it. He's that lazy and arrogant. Talk to me in November, if that is still his jingle, then you'd be right. Then I'd say he wants to take the success the show had over the past 19 years and try to hold onto the last threads of it for himself. It would be reminiscent of Sanford & Son without Redd Foxx.

Anonymous said...

bigjf, I'm not saying it won't be changed. But he was away at Saratoga last week and wanted nothing to do with coming up with a new one while on vacation. So he'll go with this one for a bit and eventually change it.