Friday, September 5, 2008

Going Postal

THIS CREAKY DOOR IS DRIVING ME NUTS! WTF! Has Mike's stature decreased so much that he can't get Jay Horowitz to take a can of oil and shut that thing up?

On another topic, I can only take so much change. Russo leaves, goes to Sirius, etc. Enough already. I was very happy to hear business as usual when Mike berated his production staff for failing to coordinate afternoon guests, "These guests are like planes lining up at Laguardia. We'll get it fixed." Mike has always been a genius at deflecting criticism and putting it on others.

One more thought...There have been some persistent rumblings in the Comments section that Loki, nee Anonymous, is none other Mike Francesa. Loki, or Mike for that matter, can you clear this up? If it is indeed you, Mr. Francesa, show yourself to us.


KBilly said...

For mike to read this site, let alone post on it, he would have to know how to use a computer.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

That is funny stuff..But this is terrible...He better be in rare form come Monday he should have no excuse he ll have Met Phils and Week 1 to talk about..

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Good point KBilly.

Is anyone else annoyed just looking at Mike doing this "interview" with Tom McCarthy? Sitting way back, his Nicole Richie sized shades on...just his arrogant, entitled attitude shining through in his body language as usual.

Sorry, first time I've watched in a few weeks and its bringing back bad memories

Anonymous said...

How soon before some of the FAN staff start leaving to work for Dog at Sirius? Who would want to continue to work for Francessa? I mean, if he's badgering and belittling these people ON AIR, just imagine how he is off air. My word, I would either kick him in the nuts or cry every day if I worked for him.

Loki said...

First of all, yes I am a REAL person. I love diet cocaine. I used to be known as anon., but my lover, gman, convinced me to change to Loki.

I could be one of the following:
-Mike Francesa
-Freshmen at Seton Hall U

(Never will tell)

Now seriously, I can't believe I actually made it on your blog!!! Next step is front page of the NY Times right? I'm on the way to the top!!

I <3 gman