Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's Why Mike is a Moron

Yep. I have been pushed too far by listening to Mike these past few days. He started out right on target in his open yesterday, but quickly veered wayyy off course. He has essentially pinned the Mets collapse the past two years onto David Wright. Anyone who thinks otherwise just hasn't been listening close enough. He has pretty much called for Wright to be traded. But herein lies the issue at hand: Mike is a Moron. Since I have been unable to get thru to WFAN the past two days, I will outline my points below in the hopes that Mike checks out the blog:

- David Wright is a 25 year old All-Star third basemen whose average season in the majors is: .309BA, 31 HR, 113 RBI, 107 runs
- Mike has repeatedly said that Wright has NEVER hit in the clutch. Yet, upon further review, here are some instances that show otherwise:

Last September, while the entire Met team was collapsing and every game was bigger than the next, Wright hit .352 for the month with over 20 RBI.

Mike has asked caller after caller to name one clutch hit Wright has ever had. Without digging too far back, a commentor on this board pointed out 2 huge hits this year...one off KROD in a HUGE series for the Mets against Anaheim when they were trailing in the 9th inning...another go ahead homerun against Cincy in the 9th after the All-Star break when the Mets were trying to continue their 10 game winning streak.

Mike has painted Wright as a guy who never hits in pressure situations. While he was admittedly bad this season in the clutch, last year Wright hit .310 for the season with men in scoring position and he hit .346 in Close and Late situations last year. Okay you say, but that's just one year - what about 2006? So glad you asked. In 2006, Wright hit .365 with men in scoring position and .348 in Close and Late situations. Okay, well then he must have sucked in 2005, right? Not quite. He hit .298 with men in scoring position that season, although he did struggle Close and Late that year hitting just .239. Yeah, but he was terrible this September you say? Well he sure did bomb in a couple big spots BUT for the month, Wright hit .340 with 6 homers and 21 RBI and in this season when he could not buy a clutch hit, Wright did bat .286 in Close and Late situations.

Mike has gone on and on about how the Mets will never win anything with this core four. Yet Mike does forget that they did win a playoff series in 2006 against the Dodgers. And Mike forgets that this guy David Wright, who has done "nothing in a big spot" in his entire career, hit .333 in that postseason series.

Reason number 83 why Mike is a Moron. His suggestions for trades for Wright include Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. Yeah, Mike Philly and the Mets are going to trade superstars to each other. Why stop there, let's see if we can package Arod and Cano to Boston for Youkillis and Beckett?

So clearly Mike, clearly, the Mets must rid themselves of this unproven talent named David Wright. Obviously the Mets can't win with this guy on their team. They should ship him away for Matt Holliday as fast as possible...just make sure you DON'T look at Holliday's splits outside of Coors because those numbers drop faster than your ratings for your solo show. Mike, I am sorry, but sometimes you must be presented with the sad truth. And today that truth is simple: You are a Moron.


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Rock said...

Mike sucks. Listen to Russo.

But I can't take much more of you mets fans crying. Get over it. Stop being bitter and if you hate Mike talking about this topic so much then STOP listening!

Get XM or Sirius and listen to Mad Dog.

You mets fans like to suffer and be pissed off all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wright hit .444 over the last ten.By the way, in the same time period Ryan Braun, whose clutchness he was extolling, batted .238. Mike essentially epitomizes the know-nothing Yankee fan. We all have them as friends, they're the people who compared Cano to Carew or Hughes to Clemens. Moron is too nice a word to describe this guy. His screaming, posture, and body type are starting to remind me of the librarian in the Blade movie.

First Time, Long Time said...

rock...nothing to do with bitching about the mets. When Francesa gets into this mode, he is insane. Why didn't he put the full court press on trade Arod when the Yanks were officially eliminated? Why didn't that Yankee core of Arod, Cano, Damon have to be broken up?

Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree more FTLT!

Mike is the one with the show and can say whatever he wants yet he has gone way too far taking poetic justice to try and prove his point on why David Wright must go.

He has belittled every caller and every Met fan who thinks or wants Wright to stay using many false Stats and outright lies. Maybe Mike just does'nt get it and should allow us fans to win or lose with the players we want and he should try to stick to a more accurate argument as to why he thinks we are wrong.

Just because it is "his show" he should be held to certain standards of telling the truth.

Bottom line--- Mike is far up Omar Minayas ASS and should allow him and the Wilpons to do as they see fit!!! As a fan I'll have to go along with any trade/deal they put together whether or not I like it or approve of it.

Could it be that Omar has tipped Mike off and has asked for Mikes help to soften the inevitable blow to us fans? I do believe in conspiracy theories and Mike has been "way too relentless" on the David Wright bashing for me to think the above is not possible.

Time will tell and hopefully the truth will come out. I for one have had enough bullshit from our politicians--- I don't need more of the same from a guy who talks sports for a living and bashes yet he himself can't show up to work on time!


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Interesting theory about Minaya and Mike softening the blow...Mike knows quite a bit about blowing, I think Bill Parcells taught him.

But if we go with the simplest solution as being the most likely, well then Fatcesa's just an idiot and he'd take Melvin Mora for Wright.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

After reading everything, i feel i have to voice my opinion. As much as i do like the people on this blog, i am really happy the Mets are not in the playoffs. I personally believe that David Wright is a bit overrated and i am glad that he is a being criticized somewhere although Mike's criticisms are harshly and very over the top. To actually say and believe that the Mets should trade Wright for Youkilis is a fucking asinine. Mike i dont like wright as much as the next but that is pushing it. I think he is to hard of Reyes and Wright but he is only hard on Reyes b/c he gets angry when people compare him to Jeter. I dont Mike realizes how overrated jetah actually is. How bout the yanks trading their core which is only person which jetah cuz all they ve done is surrounded with with overpriced talent except Alex. I think if the Mets do let anyone go it should be Delgado. No way he duplicates these numbers. And when the hell did the sports world anoint Fatcesa the Superior Court judge of the clutch factor. I know this a long entry puts been two days of pent up frustration w/ the Fat Moron.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

I know there are some grammatical errors in my post but bare with me its 1 15 am but i should of previewed it..


wtsherman said...


"And when the hell did the sports world anoint Fatcesa the Superior Court judge of the clutch factor."


Three number one shows in New York, that's when!

Brian said...

Mike closed one segment yesterday with this line, "David Wright hit .243 with runners in scoring position. Kevin Youkilis, .339. Game, set, and match. Back after this"

The very next segment, a caller calls in and starts to make an argument in favor of David Wright using some of the stats that FTLT used in his post, late and close, etc. Mike's response? "You guys and your statistics. Watch the games! Use your eyes! Anyone who watches the Mets knows David Wright can't get a hit in a big spot!"

Funny how when Mike is proving his own point, statistics are all of a sudden relevant. I'm not even a Mets fan; I just can't take this idiot acting like he is an expert.

Anonymous said...

Mike Fancesa is a complete and utter moron.
Think about it.
This guy gets paid to talk for close to six hours a day. TALK!!!
There is no accountability in sports talk radio. Basically he can and does, say whatever he wants and it doesn't matter.
They screen the callers, cut them off, the whole thing is a joke.
As far as the discussion is concerned, as a yankee fan I would be happy to take Wright off the mets hands. Reyes too.
They are both great talents with great futures unlike the stale and arrogant Francesa.