Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We here at the blog like to take shots at Mike's frequent incorrect predictions. Well time to add another one to the watch list..Just moments ago, Mike talking about the core 4 of the Mets: Reyes, Delgado, Beltran and Wright - had this to say:

"Here's what I'll tell you right now. And just remember I said it to you. The 4 core will never win together. If they don't break them up, they will never win together. It's a bad core."

As if Francesa haters didn't need more ammo, it's time to root for the "the core 4" like never before...


Johnny said...

That's an easy call by Mike, because if they get rid of Delgado, and the big three win, than Mike's right, but rememberm yesterday and last week, Mike did not include Delgado in the core.

Anonymous said...

The clown strikes again. Everyone knows that Delgado at the most will be here for one more year tops so when the "core" which I consider Reyes, Wright and Beltran Fatso will be able to tell everyone he was correct becuase the "core" was broken up with no Delgado.

Anonymous said...

oops ment to say when the core wins

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please call Mike and tell him to do his homework? Ask him what Wright's numbers were with RISP in 2006 and 2007. Ask him what Wright's CAREER numbers are close and late. I think he'll find that calling Wright a non-clutch player is asinine.

Also, mike stated that Wright did not have one big hit all season. What do you call a game tying RBI single off K-Rod in the 9th? What do you call a 2 run homer off Cordero in cincy with your team down 1 in the 9th?

Anonymous said...

miek cant name ONE PLAYER or GROUP of players that could REALISTICALLY be traded for Wright.

He keeps naming players that are not available. Its so silly.

Anonymous said...

Someone should suggest that the Mets trade Beltran straight up for McClouth. Mike's head would probably explode.

Anonymous said...

Enough is Enough!!!!

We need to hear what the "TRUE ISSUE" is here!

Did David Wright kick Mikes dog? Did he seduce and sleep with Mrs. Francesa? Did he refuse to do an interview? Did he not send Mikes children(the modern day John and Caroline) a Birthday gift?

Ok Mike--- we give up! You won't be happy till we all agree! David Wright is an awful person and a terrible ball player! Lets trade him!!!! Ok Mike--- there you have it. Can we now please move on?

BTW-- has Mike been to a recent game in the Bronx and seen the "CANCER" they have playing 3rd base? Yes--- he has great numbers(like Wright)--- but Mike chooses to only discuss Met baseball.

Farewell David and good luck with your new team!!! You will be missed! Hopefully we got a good reliever for you!

Until Mike moves forward and gets off this kick I am off to CNBC. I will check in on occasion to see if Mike has welcomed back football or any other topic including Bocce ball(lol).


TheNextBestThing1 said...

I just wanna thank you guys for doing a great job over the past two days..i have listened to mike for a total of 600 seconds over the past two days..But after reading this blog for the first time over these significant two days and i am all caught up..I hate fucking work, now i cant rip Mike, i no longer have that privilege for now..but off to work again, you guys continue to do a great job..

And now i can go to work, knowing that the Mets have to break up the core b/c Keith Hernandez said so..


wtsherman said...

"These teams hate the Mets...H. Ramirez said last year he would have crawled to the batter's box to face the Mets. The Question is, would any of the Mets have crawled to the batter's box to beat the Marlins the past two years?"


Johnny said...

Why aren't the comments showing up under LAZY BASTARD.

wtsherman said...


Tino Martinez, Brosius, Bernie ("deadly clutch in a big spot"), Jeter, O'Neill, Posada (sometimes), Matsui (in the early days, especially) ...these are guys that came up with a clutch hit, a big at-bat.

In case you wondering.

Johnny said...

As for being lazy, Mike, never best at show preparation, needs to get going and get a partner. Going solo for 5.5 hours is not getting it done.

Let's get going, Mike.

wtsherman said...


loki hit the spacebar a hundred times at the bottom of his comment....just scroll way down.

Johnny said...

Mike forgets that Tino was benched in the road games in the 1996 WS in favor of Cecil Fielder (9-23, .391 in the series). Tino went 1- 11 in the '96 WS.

KBilly said...

Dog's parents call in to talk about Paul Newman and the Yankees

wtsherman said...

What gives? Mike's jingle company may be on hiatus, but Kars for Kid's certainly isn't - know that pepped up new version?

Well, to placate the more strident among us demanding a jingle immediately, couldn't Tankcesa just bite (no problem there) the new Kars for Kids jingle and supply his own lyrics.

"Fizz, Fizz, Fizz, when Mike pops lids!
Fizz, Fizz, Fizz, when Mike pops lids!
Fizz, Fizz, Fizz, when Mike pops lids!
Mike'd Up, Fatcesa on the Fan!"

gman26 said...

A very astute caller made a nice analogy of the late 90's Mets keeping their core and eventually making the playoffs.

Mike tried to pick apart his argument and was rude to him. typical bully.

wtsherman said...

Mike just baited and maliciously mocked a caller for responding accurately to his question: how many MVPs do the Phils have on their team (as opposed to the Mets)? The caller said "two, and maybe three." This apparently is not accurate.

Did Brad Lidge pick one up a few years back?

gman26 said...

That is the caller I'm referring to wt. The 3rd is Ryan Howard this year, although that has not been made official by the powers that actually award the honor.

KBilly said...

Howard won MVP in 2006. You can't count him twice

Anonymous said...

Hey wtsherman,

I'm not sure about the point you're trying to make?

Yes I'm a Met fan but far from a Yankee hater. I actually go to more Yankee games due to location.

I know all about Yankee history and the "clutch" players they have had and as a Mets fan wish we had an ounce of the same success!

You must admit that Mike has been relentless on the Mets for the past 3 weeks and it borders on "unprofessional" and he needs to give it a rest.

My last post was certainly about David Wright with a bit of A-rod thrown in.

A-rod may end up being the greatest player of our lifetime--- but he is leaving a lot to be desired to a Yankee fan? David Wright will admittedly never have the career of A-rod, but a "Cancer" he is not.


wtsherman said...


I was making a joke, referring to your question yesterday when you asked about Mike's double standard toward the Mets. I was quoting Mike to underscore your point - that even in a year when A rod and Jeter and others can't do it for a whole season, we get lectures from yesteryear rather than a contemporaneous comparison.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody explain to Mike that Chase Utley did nothing after the month of April.

And that Jimmy Rollins did NOTHING last year in the playoffs.

And that Third base IS a harder position to play than second.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification wtsherman!

I thought we were on the same page(lol).

Double standards is an understatement!

I could'nt take Mike anymore and I have CNBC on the TV and I'm doing some long overdue house work.

Hopefully Mike will slowly get off the "Met bashing" tommorrow and will be a bit more tolerable.

I'm not sure if any of Mikes worker bees scan the internet but someone needs to let Mike know that he is losing control of his show! Maybe the ratings will prove it and be a wake up call for him?


Rock said...

As much as I hate Mike.....
He's right. And you mets fans need to stop crying.
But I'm a Phillies fan so.......

MetsRefugee said...

It has become beyond obvious that Mike has a vendetta against David Wright. He is now giving him the Shockey treatment. Wright snubbed them on an interview over the summer, and now Mike is gonna go out of his way to trash him.How do you make a statement like "David Wright has never been clutch"? Was his entire career played out this September(one where his numbers are good despite one terrible atbat)? Does he realize that Wright, and Reyes, are both 25 years old and make no money and are all star players? It is complete insanity. If this was Robinson Cano, do you think he would be saying the same crap? And shame on the so called Mets fans calling up and agreeing. Do these idiots even remember just 5 years ago? Sickening.

He is stirring the pot and better watch out because someone with more clout then us is gonna call him out on it.

metsrefugees said...

And stop with the Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard. Someone should tell Mike that Wright and Reyes are both 4 to 6 years younger then those 3.

Or maybe tell him then Ryan Braun had a TERRIBLE September.

wtsherman said...


The answer to your first question about Utley (assuming it wasn't rhetorical) is simply "No". No one can explain that to Mike, because Mike won't believe what he doesn't want to believe.

KBilly said...

Dog starts at 1:00 tomorrow and 3 pm on Thursday.

Johnny said...

The Mets core does have serious issues, but trading Wright for Youkilis? No way. What Mike forgets to remember is that Youkilis had Manny Ramirez. Ramirez made everybody better on that team: Papi, Lowell, Drew, Pedroia. And, Youk is 29. As bad as Wright was down the stretch, you don;t trade him for a guy like Youkilis.

I still think Reyes should be dealt, because you can get by with a good shortstop. Trade him for three players: a great pitcher, a very good everday player, and a solid bench guy. Then, sign Orlanda Cabrera to be the SS.

Mike needs to move on tomorrow and get to the NFL and the start of the MLB which to my joy has no New York teams in it, although the Long Island Ducks did make the Atlantic League playoffs. Why Mike didn;t get Buddy Harrelson before that remains a mystery.