Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It has only one member. The name of this team is Mike Francesa. Take a night like tonight. I find myself not rooting for a particular team, I find myself rooting against the things that Mike Francesa says. On the show today he stated how the Phillies are gone, that the Mets couldn't even see their license plate, they passed them by so fast. He also stated that the Phils never lose to the Braves and will not do so. So tonight I find myself rooting against Francesa or against the words of Francesa or better yet for his declarations to be proven false and tonight, that's just what happened.

The Phils lost to the Braves and the Mets won and the two teams are just a little bit closer and perhaps the Mets can actually read that license plate.

The thing that continues to kill me about Mike is that he is a man who has worked in sports his entire career, has been a fan for his whole life, he has seen 'Nova beat Georgetown, the Red Sox come back from down 3-0, Team USA beat the Russians. He has witnessed all of this, yet he still speaks about sporting events as if their endings are predetermined. Sports doesn't work that way. He should know that. Yet he would rather declare things as fact, as if he knows something we don't and then he rarely, if ever admits he's wrong.

Tonight, was a good night. The declaration didn't come true. Another loss for my least favorite team.


KBilly said...

USA beat Russia? As if Mike has ever watched a hockey game. Pulllease.
I am off Mike, cause he was driving me to drink in the afternoon.

loki said...

Yeah it honestly felt good knowing Mike was wrong about tonight. Let's see what garbage comes out of his mouth tomorrow...

bigjf said...

I think Mike took it too far by saying the Phils are "gone," and I agree that he makes these proclamations and will dance around the idea that he was wrong. But even though I don't want to defend him, bashing the Mets during this stretch, where they very well could get knocked out again, that is the way for Mike to get his ratings right now. Yes, he's only going to say a few words, if any, about the Yanks now, but that's because they're not the story now (as he likes to phrase it). We've known for a while now that the Yanks were on life support. Maybe Mike will even start talking Yankees off-season, but that will probably wait for another day. I know most of you guys are Mets fans, and you could just counter that I'm a Yankee fan, but as close as the Mets are to the Phils after tonight, the Brewers are closer. I think the Mets will ultimately stave off the Brewers and make the playoffs one way or the other, but they've still got 2 tough games ahead of them and then Florida, who would love nothing more than to knock the Mets out again in the final weekend series.

Rock said...

I'm a Phillies fan and even a small part of me is glad they lost and mets won just to prove that big fat fuck wrong.

I wonder what he'll say tomorrow.

"I'm glad the Mets won. We need them in the playoffs." or "Maybe they heard my speech."


Do the mets have heart now fatass?

wtsherman said...

"I'm a Phillies fan and even a small part of me is glad they lost and mets won just to prove that big fat fuck wrong."


Jimmy in Singapore said...

Mike is just like every sports show host, in that he's there to attract advertisers and listeners.

So it doesn't matter if his proclamations are right or wrong, he's there to draw a crowd.

Even though he cuts callers short, and half pays attention, and takes 15 weeks of summer vacation, that's the charm.

Isn't it?

Though it is nice to see him get taken down a notch once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Good Post!!!

I also found myself rooting against all things Francesa regardless of how I truly felt. It was a great sports night even though a Brewer loss would have really capped it off.

Since Mike can't bash the Mets/give the Yankees new life/Bye week for the Giants/possible opponent the Jets can beat on Sunday--- What in the world will Mike open his show with???

He can go the route of other WFAN personalities and plug night 2 of "Dancing with the Stars" and comment on the unbelivable sexiness of Brooke Burke(NAH-- Mike does'nt have it in him). He can discuss the "Biggest Loser" and compare it to celebrity fit club and take credit for Vito from the "Sopranos" weight loss by talking about the "Francesa Diet".

How about this!!!! Someone call in and tell Mike that the announced attendance at Shea last night was 10 million and than we can hear an hour about how Mike thinks that number may be false(LOL).

It's my day off and I'm looking forward to 1 O'clock!


Whatdoyouhave? said...

The Biggest Loser is awesome - I must say. Even though they were from Boston I was rooting for the father son team of Tom & Tom. Too bad they got bounced last night.

When is the first celebrity Biggest Loser? This has to be inevitable - all other shows eventually turn this route. And when it does, Mike should def sign up.

Anonymous said...

good news fellas I just received info saying this joke of a seminar will be ending early so hopefully be home by two.
I will miss fatsos open but I already know what is as I so eloquently put last night. But just for arguement sake could I be wrong and he have the guts (well we all know he has guts and very large ones) to start with yanks run ending. Let me know how it goes.

N b t