Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Looks like Eddie Erickson has decided to work this week and they are booking guests for the show. We got Rick Peterson (not sure why), Omar, Frank Gifford, Jerry Manuel. This is the key for this solo show until the planets align and Mike gets a co host. They need guests all the time. Limit the Mike solo time. That is the key.

By the way, can someone tell me when Sid Rosenberg became the greatest radio host of all time? I never paid attention to the dude when he is here and i won't be devastated if he doesn't return, yet, the folks at seem all weepy about this. Please someone tell me why i should care about Sid Rosenberg and then maybe i can make some room in my heart for him. Otherwise, let's move on and get this guy a co-host.


Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason the mod over at the other site pushes that jerk Sid is because he gave the mod a few minutes of his time.

This way he can go on and use the term "inside sources". This clown the Mod has zero inside sources.

Anonymous said...

I would never know who Sid is if I didn't follow the board. This idea that im not going to sleep well tonight because he isnt on with Tank is utter nonsense

Anonymous said...

Mike will NEVER let Sid near his show