Monday, September 29, 2008

The Day that Mike Francesa was Reborn

Today's open has featured Francesa going ballistic on the Mets. Going off on the Wilpons. Going off on the Met offense. Going off on everything and anything Met related (except for Johan and Beltran). Taking a shot at Omar. And for those that don't know, I, First Time, Long Time, happen to be a diehard Met fan. And I was cringing having to listen to Francesa today. I even thought I would be motivated to call in to the show to debunk Mike's ranting and raving. But I have to tell you something. Mike has been dead on correct in his assessment of the Mets and Jerry Manuel. There is nothing that I can argue with. This is the Mike Francesa that I want to listen to everyday. This is the Mike Francesa that can easily make Christopher Russo fade away into oblivion rather quickly. This is the Mike Francesa that WFAN needs on a daily basis. All it took was another Mets collapse.


Anonymous said...

good open for mike.

i wish xm was free so i can hear what Dog has to say.

KBilly said...

Still would rather listen to Dog than Mike. I hope Gman will be listening to Dog in 40 mins.

Johnny said...

Mike was pure gold today, right on the money. The Mets have to make a trade of one of their core guys and like Mike, Delgado does not count (age). I would trade Reyes to Cleveland for Jhonny Peralta (23 homers this year) and two other players.

Look at baseball history---you do nto need a world class shortstop to win the World Series. Julio Lugo, David Eckstein, Alex Gonzalez, Tony Womack, Juan Uribe are recent shortstops on championship teams.

What I learned......

1) Met fans defend Wright like he's their own child.
2) Met fans have racist bones. They would gladly trade Beltran because he is the "latino who lacks passion," over Wright, even though Beltran fills a more valuable need and is better in the clutch.
3) Evan Roberts is too much of a Met fan to part with his belved trio of Wright, Beltran and Reyes.
4) As a member of the media, why doesn't Roberst just watch Met games from the press box.