Thursday, September 18, 2008


Russo has been conspicuously quiet after Mike threw his hissy fit the other day and threw Doggie under the bus with his 'My cock is bigger than his cock' proclamations. So I was wondering if Russo got some sage advice to take the high road. Apparently, when Mel Karmazin first recruited Russo, he saw how things would play out and how Chris should handle it. This is what he must have said:

I think you're gonna find -- when
all this shit is over and done -- I
think you're gonna find yourself
one smilin' motherfucker. Thing is
Chris, right now you got ability.
But painful as it may be, ability
don't last. Now that's a hard
motherfuckin' fact of life, but
it's a fact of life your ass is
gonna hafta git realistic about.
This business is filled to the brim
with unrealistic motherfuckers who
thought their ass aged like wine.
Besides, even if you went all the
way, what would you be? King of the afternoon?
Who gives a shit? I doubt you can even
get a credit card based on that.

Mel lays an envelope full of money on the table in front of
Chris. Chris picks it up.

Now when Mike rips you for the first
time, you may feel a slight sting, that's pride
fuckin' wit ya. Fuck pride! Pride
only hurts, it never helps. Fight
through that shit. 'Cause a year
from now, when you're kickin' it
on satellite radio you're gonna say,
"Mel Karamazin was right."

I got no problem with that.


KBilly said...

My ass goes down in the fifth.

five-oh said...

I'm prepared to scour the Earth for that motherfucker. If Dog goes to Indochina, I want Eddie Erickson hiding in a bowl of rice, waiting to bust a cap in his ass.

wtsherman said...

Well done, Gman.

Gene said...

Hey Guys,

Just wanted you to know that the weeks football selections are up at

Mod, I am starting to get some decent traffic, would you like to do a link exchange? I am not sure how it exactly works, but I think it could help us both and I am dedicated to helping you be the preeminent MMD site.

wtsherman said...


I'll check the site this week but I can't go to crazy about last week's outing.

A push and Uconn covering by 23 points...I'm not winning much when you're only giving me one winner out of college football.

To paraphrase Fatcesa on Mad Men when it first came, "They said it was gonna come out like gangbusters...But now after we saw the first episode, we're dialing it back a bit, going on probation...I mean the sixties, everyone smoking, there was a little more charm to it all."

KBilly said...

At least machinepicks is doing NFL picks. I have no need for the Rutgers over Navy pick, no brainer.
Also, Pack getting points at home is a no brainer. Minny pick is a loser. N.O. will cover. Wouldn't touch Baltimore/Cleveland. Jags will cover but won't win.
Mark it down!

gman26 said...

wt- You're first ballot HOFer for quoting Mike offering a opinion on Mad Men. I mean where did you get it from? did you make that shizzle up? Frickin' Draper is having another Glenlivet and throwing trash on the grass right now.

Gene - how did you do last week? I gave you some grief about your picks. South Florida definitely came through at the end.

KBilly said...

There's a Hall of Fame and I wasn't notified?
I call for a Congressional inquiry!

gman26 said...

Kbill - you will make it in as Cal Ripken. to which Mike disparagingly referred to as a 'compileuhh.' Just joshing.

gman26 said...

btw, the for some reason, the teenagers over at are restless again.

wtsherman said...

When the show first came out, Mike made it seem like he was really buddy-buddy with Weiner, the show creator, or some other probably apocryphal figure...

"The Soprano people told me about this show, said it was gonna be...."

KBilly said...

I nominate Loki for Charter Membership in the Mikeandthemadblog HOF!

gman26 said...

It is eerie how Don and Betsy's relationship has become like Tony and Carmela. Especially this past week.

Loki must nail tacos and stop hitting on me to get in. Not to mention, he should actually comment on our gods, Mike and Chris, not just about his pathetic freshman year at SHU. that might be a start.

wtsherman said...


-Loki's a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma wrapped inside of a taco

-He apparently is smitten with one of the site's purveyors

-We are all better off for his contributions

KBilly said...

Loki is ashamed to admit it, but his favorite is the double sausage taco, with extra sour cream.
Good thing he's at Semen Hall, with all those priests...

wtsherman said...

In one week, we've seen Dog on Letterman and now Southside Johnny on Conan tonight...

Sad. At this point, the best that Fatcesa can hope for is a spot with "Filthy Rich" Graziano on QPTV.

Loki said...

Hey when did I get into the discussion?

I didn't bother reading this blog because it looks long, and boring, just like my penis.

BTW, Gman lost his virginity to me last night.